'A Soldier's Duty"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

My story “A Soldiers Duty” is from soldier’s perspective about being overseas. Private Dixon is going through many emotions and missing his family back home, especially his wife and son and new baby that is one the way. He feels no one truly knows what a soldier’s life is like overseas and just how scary it can be. He holds the memories of his family and friends dear to his heart and only wishes he could be back home with them. So many of his friends have lost their lives fighting and Private Dixon is afraid he could loose his life as well. One night while on watch duty everything turns for the worst and makes things more realistic for Private Dixon.

“A Soldiers Duty”

By. Laci Long




Dear Love,


Today is a lot harder than yesterday I miss you and Dalton and baby peanut so very much. I can’t wait to be ale to be in your arms again and hold you and just feel every beat of your heart against me. We lost another fellow soldier today it was hard to see. I tried everything I could to hold it together but I just kept getting images in my head that it could have been me. Being over here and seeing the things we see is horrible. I have seen things the human eyes just should not see. You are probably worried to death now but I am okay baby. It’s alarming to just be sitting here on watch and hear all the gunfire’s and bombs going off. Then when you patrol the streets you see the children and it breaks my heart because some are as small as Dalton. A few of my fellow brothers here have had to kill innocent children because they were forced to wear explosives strapped to their chest. I pray to God everyday and night that this all ends soon. I worry about you and our babies a lot. Stay strong gorgeous I will be fine and home before you know it.  Please tell my mom and brother I miss them so much and I will see them soon. I love you beautiful and I hope to write you again real soon.


Love Always,

Your Soldier


“Private Dixon, you have a phone call.”  Sargent Allen said coming up behind me.

I quickly put away my notebook and pencil and placed my letter into an envelope. As I licked the seal I began to smile because I remember my son would always say he wanted to do it. I placed the envelope in my notebook and then headed to the tent where the phone was.

Arriving to the tent I was met by Sargent Underwood. He had that serious look upon his face. The look your mother would give you if you did something wrong right before she scorned you.

“Private Dixon, you’re on watch tonight. So hurry with your call and get out there. Private Sanders will be joining you also.” Sargent Underwood said as he handed me the light.

“Yes sir,” I replied and saluted him.

I picked up the phone and said, “Hello.”

“Hello, my handsome soldier who I love more than anything in this world.” A beautiful voice from the end of the other line said.

With a huge smile across my face I said, “ Hello, my dove I miss you so much.”

“I miss you too baby so much more.” She replied.

“I only have two minutes beautiful, how are Dalton and our little peanut?” I asked holding the phone closer to my ear so I could hear my wife better.

“They are great honey just missing you, here Dalton wants to tell you goodbye.” She said.

I heard the phone wrestling around for a second and then a sweet little voice spoke from the other end.

“Daddy, when are you coming home?” My son asked me.

The tears began to stream down my face and I swallowed my spit and made gargle sound and said, “Soon bub, very soon.”

“Yeah, good daddy cause I miss you and love you sky high to the moon and back and teddy misses you too. We hold you every night like you told us too.”

“Daddy loves you too champ, to the moon and back high as the sky. Daddy has to go now okay give mommy and peanut kisses for me and take good care of them for daddy.” I said and kissed the phone.

“Okay, I will daddy and don’t for get to hold papa bear for teddy okay daddy.”

“I won’t son I promise, I love you tell mommy I love her too.”

I hung up the phone and headed back for my tent. When I arrived back to my cot I grabbed my gun and headed to the look out point for watch duty. I saw papa bear and grabbed him also. Private Sanders was already there and looking out into the dusty skies. I sat down next to him and pulled out my picture of my wife and son.

“Fine looking family you got there,” said Private Sanders.

“Thanks man they’re my world and we have another due in December.” I replied placing the photo back into my wallet.

“My wife just gave birth to our little girl last month, I missed it.” He said showing me a photo of his wife and sweet little princess.

“She’s adorable man.” I said handing him back his photo.

As I was handing him his photo back a loud shot rung out from a distance. Then all at once several shots were being fired at us. I started shooting back pointing my gun at where the shots were coming from. It went on and on for about ten minutes until it was silent.

“Sanders call for back up man.” I said turning around to face him.

When I turned around Sanders was down on the ground he had been hit in the chest. I took off my shirt and put it against the wound and applied pressure.

“Stay with me Sanders,” I said emotionally still pressing down on the wound.

“It’s too late Dixon, my life is over God wants me home.” He replied shaking.

Crying I said, “ No man it’s going to be okay I called for help.”

“Just do me a favor hand me my picture,” he said.

I reached in his pocket and pulled out the picture and placed it in his hand. He gave it a kiss and slowly slipped away. I sat there crying and then placed my shirt over his body and realized that could have been me.

I picked up papa teddy bear and placed him in Sanders arms and said, “You will never be alone my friend.”

Submitted: June 05, 2013

© Copyright 2022 LaciL08. All rights reserved.

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