(Everything is) Shining

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This is for my lover!!! Lol for those of you who know me, you know who it is :)

Submitted: December 09, 2008

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Submitted: December 09, 2008



I see only good when I’m with you,

Protected by my happy bubble,

When nothing can go wrong,

No matter what happens.

You can tease me all you like,

Turn jokes against my height,

But when you swing me in the air,

I am weightless, breathless.

I am not a softie,

I am most certainly not a baby,

But when I’m with you I feel so tiny,

Like I’m the planet orbiting around your sun,

And oddly I’m okay with that.

Because when I see you,

My heart soars into space;

As you smile, I smile with you,

Because you smiling breaks my heart,

It’s so damn beautiful;

As you take my hand without hesitation,

No awkwardness on your part,

I feel centered, completely assured,

That you are my anchor, my home.

I know that I watch you sometimes,

Those rare moments when I see you only,

And my stomach swells with butterflies,

When I notice you staring at me.

I couldn’t care how you tease,

I couldn’t care how you joke,

Because with you I am alive again,

Not just an empty shell about to crack.

I am happy, I am whole,

With your hand clasped tightly in mine,

I could take on the world if I wanted,

Because your eyes have the power-

Can you see how big that is? –

To melt the ice queen’s heart,

To make everything shining and sparkling,

To make me bubbly and carefree,

Because I love you,

And you love me.

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