Don't let this happen to you.

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A young girl is looking for love, and when she can't take rejectiong, things go wrong.

WARNING: this passage may be concerning and disturbing to some veiwers. If you are not fond of blood or suicidal events, do not read.

Submitted: June 14, 2009

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Submitted: June 14, 2009



In a small town just outside Chicago, lived a girl named Saidy who was just looking for someone to love her. Saidy lived a somewhat normal life, going to school, a drunken father and an over protective mother, friends that got into trouble and cared about her all the same. Saidy herself wasn't the "perfect" daughter either. She beat on her younger brother and though she was only 17, she would steal her fathers cigarettes and smoke. Saidy got into a lot of trouble in school but always had good grades. Many people thought Saidy wasn't that beautiful but was nice none the less.

For a long time, Saidy had a crush on one of her good friends named Jude. Jude wasn't popular, much like Saidy, but he was very handsome. One day, Saidy was feeling brave and went up to Jude after school.

"Hey Jude..." Saidy said quietly.

"Hey Said, Whats up?" He replied.

With hesitation, Saidy asked in her smallest voice, "Jude, will you go out with me?"

"Uhm... I'll have to think about it. Okay sweetheart?" He smiled and walked away.

The next day, Saidy passed a note to Jude asking if he had made up his mind. Jude said no. This continued for a few days. On the fourth day, Saidy decided to confront Jude.

"Jude! Will you please just tell me your answer?" Saidy said with some anger.

Jude began to explode. "The answer is no! I'm sick of you fallowing me around and asking me if I've made up my mind! The answer is no! God dammit no!"

Tears fell down Saidy's face. "But why Jude?" she asked quietly.

"UH DUH. Its because your not pretty enough! Whats the point in dating someone if they're not pretty!" He then stormed away..

Saidy was left dumbstruck. Just as she started to walk home, her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" she answered through the tears, to hide the fact that she was crying.

"Saidy? Its mom. I need you yo go home early today. Your brother has a little  legue game."

"okay mom." she replied, and hung up the phone.

At 5:00, Saidy's mom walked through the door with some groceries she bought on her way home. As she passed the stairway she noticed that the carpet was wet. She set down the groceries and went up stairs. She noticed the water coming from the bathroom, and opened the door. She was struck with horror. She found Saidy's body, cold, dead, and naked in the bathtub with cuts across bher face and wrists. On the mirror, written in blood were the words, " AM I PRETTY ENOUGH NOW?" Her mother fell to her knees gasping and crying, wondering who caused her little girl so much pain.

The moral of this story is that SAIDY cause herself this pain. She let the rejection of one person end her life. When really, if someone rejects you for who you are, then they aren't worth your time.

And yes i know, I'm a very bad short story writer.

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