I miss her. I love her.

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Two evacues miss their parents, their home and their loved ones. How will Michael cope with the responsibility of his sister?

Submitted: June 26, 2010

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Submitted: June 26, 2010




Sunday 08 November 1942

I Miss Her. I Love Her.

Will you stop doing that with your feet!” I cried to Penny as she was nervously tapping her feet on the creaky wooden floor of the train. It was a horrible feeling travelling away from our parents and our home. I remember feeling awfully sick on that train. Holding my stomach so tightly trying to ease the pain. I didn't want to leave. Neither did my sister. Her name is Penny or should I say was Penny. She had beautiful golden locks that came down just below her shoulders. She had a small pair of bright blue eyes that sparkled just like a diamond in water. That ghostly day. One moment she was playing with her friend not causing any ham to anybody, and the next in her grave, I didn't even get a chance to say a proper good-bye.

We heard the loud sound of the trains horn as a gust of smoke billowed out from the roof of the train. We had arrived in the country side. Not a single word had to be said, you could tell by our faces just how beautiful this place really was. We had never seen such a sight in our lives.

As we made our way out of the carriage and onto the platform, we gazed at the landscape surrounding us. We could see all the glorious autumn colours. There were trees with orange and brown leaves everywhere. There was a strong smell of freshly cut grass breathing in all the fresh air felt fantastic. There was a big group of us; all the evacuees. We were standing in a big huddle next to the train.

Follow me!” A voice yelled. I was holding my sisters hand. She was only 5 years old and couldn't tell wrong from right. So I can only imagine this whole experience for her, was going to be very hard. Especially if anything bad happened to mum and dad back home, like a bombing or something. I am older though 7 years older actually. I am a strong character and normally would be able to cope with anything that came at me. I've never backed out of a fight at school. All the students know to avoid me. I guess it makes me feel important and like one of the guys. I think this would be different. I mean, if mum and dad were to die I would have full responsibility for Penny and I would never forgive myself if anything happened to her.

Come on Michael, we have to go” I remember her exact words. “Come ON Michael, we don't want to get lost on our first day here !” We all walked in twos in a straight line. Later on that day we were all going to find out who we would be living with, so it was a nerve racking walk for everyone. Penny didn't quite understand. She thought we were on holiday and would be back home with mum and dad really soon. I felt really sorry for her. I wasn't sure whether to tell her or not. About the War. Whether to tell her mum and dad could be in serious danger if a bomb landed anywhere near them. She was surely too young to understand all this; I didn't want to make her upset. All these feelings were building up in my head. Feelings of responsibility and stress, feelings of regret and most of all I was worried about my mum and dad and whether I was ever going to see them again. It felt as if someone had got a knife and stabbed it straight through my head...I couldn't think straight and started to feel very dizzy and light headed. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. All I could see was black. Then I couldn't feel my legs. I must of passed out in a matter of seconds.

Michael? Michael can you hear me?” I woke up to the sound of a ladies voice. I was sitting in a brown comfy chair. There was an old familiar smell in this room, a smell that I liked. I slowly opened my eyes seeing Penny and a strange lady standing in front of me. She looked very pretty. She was wearing a frilly skirt that came down just below her knees, and an attractive top with a hand stitched flower on her shoulder.
Hello Michael darling, that was quite some fall you had earlier. How are you feeling now ?”
um...well...fine I guess. Thank you.”
My name is Mrs Awki, but you will be calling me Trudy. You will be staying with me here in my home. It's going to be quite cosy with all three of us in here but I am sure we will manage. Now I am going to make me and you a cup of coco Michael. Penny, why don't you go and have a look around the village to get your bearings and maybe meet some of the neighbours. How does that sound?”

Penny and I both nodded as she slipped on her warm coat and set off to explore. Meanwhile I was having a good chat with Trudy. The mug of coco warmed my hands up that were stone cold before. We had a chat about how she was nervous about us staying with her, but I reassured her that Penny and I were to, and I thanked her very much.

Two days later and I was feeling a lot better. I had, had my turn of having a look around the village. I had found many things. The church across the road, the post office and even the school where I was going to be joining the next week. It was a pretty village with loads of really friendly people around. Not like back home at all. In London you could never expect what to find or see round the next corner. Our bedroom was nice. We had a set of beds. A bedside table in between them and a lamp shade on top. I liked it here, but was still missing mum and dad awfully.

It was a horrible rainy day. The day everything went wrong, the day I became an only child.

Penny was round her friends house playing dolls but couldn't stay for tea because Trudy had prepared a delicious roast dinner. It was all laid out on the table. Roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, a big juicy roast chicken and a lemon tart for pudding. Trudy had told me to put my coat on and go and fetch Penny from Emily's house. I did as I was told. I slipped on my boots and grabbed my hat and scarf and set off down the lane. It was very cold and very windy outside. My hands felt numb and I could tell my nose had gone bright red. For what I didn't know was at that moment in time I was walking to the death of my dear sister, Penny. For, if I knew this I would never of gone.

I remember feeling my stomach rumble as I knocked vigorously on the door. I was so hungry and wanted to get back for my dinner. There was no answer. I knocked again. Whilst waiting for someone to answer I noticed a strange bicycle outside , but before I could take a closer look the door swung open.
Oh Michael... hello.”
Hello, I have come to pick up Penny, and she better make it quick I am hungry!” I gave a little chuckle but could see Emily's Mum was not amused. She looked very pale in the face and not her usual self.
Are you okay Mrs Salty? I didn't mean to be rude honest, it was only a joke...”
Oh no, Michael its not that. It's well... you better come in.” These words still haunt me. I stepped over the threshold and took off my boots. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Doctor John and so Mrs Salty must have been ill because he was there. Then I took a few more steps forward to find my little sister in the living room. Not how I thought I would though. There was me thinking she would be playing dolls with Emily or at least with their teddies. I thought she would be sitting there happily waiting to be collected, how wrong could I of been.

Her face... It was White. Her body; just still.
Penny!” I screamed. I couldn't believe my eyes. I knelt down next to her body. I felt a cold tear trickling down my face.
It was just matter of time.” The doctor began to say. “ I am afraid your sister had a seizure. It was a serious one. By the time I could get over here it was too late. It could of happened at any time there was no way of telling.” This would explain who's bike was outside the house. I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it! I leaned forward and felt her cold cheek against my lips. I kissed her Good-bye. I whispered in her ear.
I... I love you Penny, I always will.” I stuttered as I spoke. From this day on I couldn't get the picture of her small body laying on the floor our of my head. I was alone. I miss her. I love her.

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