I Wish You Could See Me Now

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This is a vivid description of what I believe my friend would like for us to know today. He left us to go be with God on September 3,2010. And from this vivid description I give this title. "I wish you could see me now" ( Marcus Carthran-R.I.P-2010).

Submitted: September 11, 2010

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Submitted: September 11, 2010



He was a son, father, brother, cousin, nephew, and friend to many. However his death is such a shock to us, but today I tell you he is looking down from heaven with that big white beautiful smile; saying I wish you could see me now. So dry your eyes mother, family, and friends and stop asking why. Because I have traded my earthly living for heavenly life and I'm alright now. God has made a place for me at his home in heaven. My soul that once lived in my body is wearing a big white beautiful robe. I have earned my wings and my golden crown...so no need to be bitter or sad, and wishing me back. Because we all will be at home together as one big happy family-God's family. I'm here with God, and people, walking, praying and singing. I have everything, I need or want nothing. I'm totally full. So don't think of me being out in the cold grave all alone thats just a shell for which my soul no longer live in. When you come to the grave to visit that shell...just know that I'm in heaven filled with beautiful light, people, flowers, angels, and filled with some indescribable joy. And I wish you could see me now. So to my mother, family, and friends stay faithful to God to the end and you will see heaven as a reward. As for my kids on Father's Day just look up to the sky and say Happy Father's Day in heaven daddy. And to my mother, family and friends on my birthdays, holidays, and vituals; just light a big white candle and know that I'm in a wonderful place filled with warmth, grace and glory. And I wish you could see me now!.( In loving memory of Marcus Carthran-2010) Love always, mother, family and friends. Written & Publish by: Lawanda Fewell 9-11-2010.

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