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This was inspired by a beautiful girl's true life story that I saw on TV.

Submitted: September 15, 2015

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Submitted: September 15, 2015



I was watching tv last night and this show came on about this little girl, she looked different and had so many challenges in her life that she faced but yet she never stopped smiling or laughing and just enjoyed life.  Her story touched me and I started to cry a little becasue of her attitude and the way she just trusted God and knew that even though she has all the things in front of her she was going to be ok.  It made me think about my life and the health problems of my own that I face each day but who doesn't have some kind of "problems" that they are facing. 

We are all different in the way we look, think, feel, act but then again we are all the same- God made each and every one of us, He gave us life and all the things we have, some problems we ourselves create and only have ourselves to blame but others come as a learning exsperiense.(A learning experiense ) I think that's the way for me anyways to explain it, the point is everyday we will come face to face with new problems (learning experiences) big or small but we need to keep smiling, laughing and enjoying life with whatever comes because this life is short and tomorrow is a promise to no one.  Trust God with all you have and things will get better and work out one way or another.


As for that little girl that I saw on tv last night, at the end of the show she got very sick and passed away 2 months after her 10th birthday.  Shiloh Pepin- she touched a lot of life's while she was on earth and now as Shiloh smiles down on us from heaven she is touching a lot more life's. 


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