Life is too short to suffer

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Just something I wrote! I hope you all will enjoy it and have a great day!

Submitted: May 29, 2015

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Submitted: May 29, 2015



We are but human and as humans we suffer from pain, heartbreak, lonelyness, shame, guilt, greed, jelously and everything else that comes from being human.

As humans though we can see the beauty in things that cat's, dog's, fish and other creatres can't.  God created us to be his and to take on what this life brings. Jesus has already overcome this world and for us that should be enough to help us overcome the things that we face on a daily baces.

We are but humans no one better or worse then the other,  we are just humans all waiting for the day when we can truly be at peace.Away from the things that bring us pain, heartbreak,  lonelyness  shame, guilt, greed, jealously and everthing else that comes from being human.

Enjoy this life, for it is too short to let the big or small things make us suffer!

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