Crismine Shadows

Crismine Shadows Crismine Shadows

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Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult




Susan Haseworth has never gotten along with her mother and is now finding out about the hidden world her mother has kept from her for most of her life. Not truly understanding the danger they are both in until she is nearly killed by a member of a dark group that is hunting for mothers blood. While they are traveling to safety into a house full of vampires, Susan is introduced more into this world will she and her mother be save and start a new life here with the house full of vampires or will she get into this world and forget the human world? Is this a time for her and her mother to get along or will they drift farther apart?
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Susan Haseworth has never gotten along with her mother and is now finding out about the hidden world her mother has kept from her for most of her life. Not truly understanding the danger they are both in until she is nearly killed by a member of a dark group that is hunting for mothers blood. While they are traveling to safety into a house full of vampires, Susan is introduced more into this world will she and her mother be save and start a new life here with the house full of vampires or will she get into this world and forget the human world? Is this a time for her and her mother to get along or will they drift farther apart?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Crismine Shadows

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Susan Haseworth has never gotten along with her mother and is now finding out about the hidden world her mother has kept from her for most of her life. Not truly understanding the danger they are both in until she is nearly killed by a member of a dark group that is hunting for mothers blood. While they are traveling to safety into a house full of vampires, Susan is introduced more into this world will she and her mother be save and start a new life here with the house full of vampires or will she get into this world and forget the human world? Is this a time for her and her mother to get along or will they drift farther apart?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Ever since I can remember my mother Dana had always traveled, she was a researcher for a company I cant say what she researched cause it was part of her secret life that I was never apart of. At times she would bring me with her on her travels during my summer breaks from school, and even though I went with her for those travels all I figured out was her working or doing a researching project for a government. While I was growing up she didn’t always travel there were times when she stayed home for a hole school year then during the summer is when she would travel, but still a good portion of my life she was gone on business, during the times she was gone her best friend Tom would watch me, he practically raised me and even though he is not blood related I called him uncle Tom. He never really spoke about what my mother was doing when she was away on business all he ever said was can ask her yourself when she gets back, and yet whenever I did she would give me a vague answer not really giving me a direct answer so I would still wonder no matter what. Tom wasn’t just my uncle; Tom he was more of a father figure to me since I have never known my real father before my mother had told me he died from a car crash when I was a child.

Tom was a tall big man with dark brown hair and eyes and had the appearance to him that would make you think twice about bringing a boy home thinking he was waiting on the coach with a shot gun. He lived a strict life always on time always keeping the house neat, though he was honest and a good father figure. However when ever you would bring up a touchy subject he would hesitate on the answer or give a sarcastic reply, however when it came to me asking about my mother all he would say is ask her when she gets back. I honestly don’t even know how they met Tom wont ever talk about it which had always made me think he regretted ever knowing her. And even though my mother was always gone and Tom practically raised me I never fully understood why the secret life from the both of them and what it was they were trying to keep from me it had always felt like half of my life was in a shadow not knowing who my family were nor really myself.

My name is Susan, Susan Haseworth I was 17 when I went with my mother on one of her business trips and would never return home and see her again. It was 1987 before cell phones were around and every technology you would know of now a days to make communicating easier. One day right after I got back home from school the last day of the school year I came home dropped my back pack on the floor near the door thinking about my summer and how great it was going to be with my friends and a cute boy from school being able to see him almost everyday, we had the same friends and we liked each other a lot we even lived in the same neighborhood. I came walking into the house with a smile on my face knowing how awesome this summer would be even the best summer ever, when I saw my mother which I wasn’t expecting to see, Tom never told me when she was coming back. She had boxes every where in the living room in the hall in her room and even my bedroom, I didn’t really look a lot alike my mother if anything it was her dark brown hair other than that she looked more masculine then me she had brown eyes while I had green I think a lot of my inheritance I got were mostly of my dad and possibly even other family members that I have never met, she was also a very stubby short women you wouldn’t be able to till if she was my mother or not.

I went back to her room leaning against the door wall “well welcome back home didn’t think I would be seeing you again any time soon, obviously Tom left right away when you got back, any new news to tell me or more secrets?”. My mother continued to pack as I spoke not really looking up to acknowledge my presents or even that I had spoken, “so why you packing up the house? What’s the reason for a move?” she then finally speaks sitting down looking away still “It’s complicated. But we need to move.” My mother and I never were close in fact most of the time I would think why come back at all I barley know you, we never really had a full on conversation but when we did it would always end up in a silent fight or argument. I folded my arms starring at her determined for her to at least look at me if not look at me while speaking I always some how thought she was talking to the wall then at me.

When she still wouldn’t look at me but continued packing I spoke my mind again thinking this is going to turn out into another fight again, wonderful “what in the hell makes you think I’m going to move anywhere with you? You’re the one who should move since you’re the one who is never around, your not touching my things I’ll move some place else I’ll ask Tom were he is at”. Finally she looked my way looking annoyed and a little pissed “No! you are coming with me! You are my daughter and still under age!” I just starred her down not willing to give up this was now that matter of me staying here and enjoying my summer with my friends and having the time of my life and I wasn’t going to let anyone remove me from my home town, not even her. As I continued starring her down apparently she thought I was challenging her, she stops packing all together and nearly stood in the same way I did “your coming with me wither you like it or not, I will even pack all of your things and force you into the car with me if needed. Don’t do this now in the car on our way to our destination I will tell you were we are going and why we are moving, right now we do not have time for this. We have to move for our safety that’s all I can say right now, so please don’t do this now I will answer any of your questions in the car honestly”.

Well one things was for sure she surrendered long before I thought she would I was thinking this would go on for the rest of the night and continue on tomorrow for I’m not sure how long. I have to admit her surrendering that fast caught me off guard she looked like she was nearly pleading for this going to be fight not to turn out as one. But I was still determined not to move or pack my things, so I figured ok I’ll bargain with her depending on when she is planning to go. So I took my stance giving her the sign that I was still not going to move “ok so when are YOU planning on leaving again? Just to make things clear your leaving I’m staying if not in this house then in my home town I’m not moving anywhere with you, and what do you mean by our safety?”, The look of frustration showed strongly in her face “tomorrow WE are leaving tomorrow I’m packing up what the van will only hold and the rest is going to salvation army, and again I will tell you what I mean by OUR safety tomorrow while we are on the road”, I shook my head and corrected her “you mean YOUR leaving tomorrow and if you want me to come with you I’ll pack a suite case but I’m not moving out of my home town I’ll be with you for a week then I’ll just move in with Tom, and if you wont tell me what safety reason then its more YOUR safety then mine”. As I was starting to walk away feeling that I have made myself clear she spoke saying something that I never thought I would hear “Tom will no longer talk to either of us even if you did call him it either would not get through or he would not answer either way you will not be able to get a hold of him, you will have to come with me no matter what”.

I turned around facing her “what do you mean he won’t talk to me? What the hell did I do wrong? If he is angry with anyone it should be you! He practically raised me! So why should he be angry with me?... I don’t believe you.” I turned quickly to the kitchen were the house phone was kept to call him immediately it ringed and ringed no answer. Thinking to myself ok Susan calm down he is not home right now try again in five min, but I couldn’t stop panicking waiting for the five min will feel like an hour or more. With out really realizing what I was doing due to my panic I was calling him over and over again for an hour strate when all of a sudden the line I’ve been calling went dead. I was starting to cry and call that same line over and over again still the line just went dead, my eyes were pouring down tears now, the man that had raised me that has been like a father figure to me was not talking to me, did I do something wrong? Why was he angry with me? What did I do? I ran into my mothers room screaming “what did you do?! Why won’t he answer?! What did you say?!”

She was nearly half done packing her room she never collected much things so her room had always looked like no body really slept in there. I could not tell what she was thinking to her facial expression if anything she just looked tired but I didn’t care at this point I would of kept her up all night if needed and gave her hell if she wouldn’t be honest with me. As she packs her last box “I told you he won’t talk to us anymore, when I got back home this morning I told him some news, his face turned red with rage and we both yelled then said that he is done doing me favors and that he wont be talking to either of us again”, with my immediate reply with rage “but what the hell did I have to do with him saying that to include me?! What did you tell him to make him so angry?!” I felt stupid for crying so hard in front of her whenever I cried this hard nobody could barley understand what I was saying and yet she had no problem understanding me. What I have known was changing before my very eyes and I didn’t understand the reason for It, I didn’t know where Tom was at, I knew his number but never went to his house and I knew that my mother wouldn’t tell me let alone take me to him. If I was going to lose everything in one night I wasn’t going to lose my best friend Katy that was like a sister to me as I was about to run into my room to quickly pack my bag and run down to her place when my mother spoke again.

“What I told him I cant say here, tomorrow on the road I will tell you everything I promise” . I just shook my head and started packing up my things in a small bag to run, run to my best friend Katie place no time to call. As I rushed to the front door my mother didn’t try to stop me I ran out the front door and just ran to her place with tears pouring down my face, she only lived barley a block away. When I got to her place to find out she or no one else was home I just sat on her front porch crying thinking that they will be back soon, I just continued crying on the porch thinking what did I do wrong to make Tom not talk to me at least explain what happened and what was said to get him so angry. Not knowing how long I sat there crying it felt like hours, no one coming to look for me and Katie is still not home I wasn’t sure wither to go back to my house and continue to fight with my mom not wanting to or just stay here and wait for them to get back, cause it felt like hours that I just sat there waiting for them to come home. Finally I calmed down no more crying and my face still feeling wet and heated from all the crying I decided to wait a bit longer before heading home, not wanting to show that I’ve been crying my eyes out.

Finally not knowing what time it was I decided to head back home walking as slow as possible when I got home all the lights were out which I took meaning she went to bed, when I walked in the house a lot of bags and boxes were packed and white sheets were on the furniture it didn’t even look like my house anymore. I walked into my room not bothering to check if my mother was asleep, but to find that everything in my room had been packed into bags and boxes I stood there at my door in shock. I had the right mind to scream at her for touching my things when I told her not to now I was full of rage, I ran into her room not caring if she was asleep screaming “I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH MY THINGS!!!!” I flipped on the light in rage and stood right in front of her bed. What happened next I will never forget it was like she was sleeping with one eye closed not really relaxing into her sleep, and my scream made her jump to much that she shot up and shot an arrow at me or something thick and small. In shock that she even shot something at me thankfully it missed and hit the wall right next to me, I stood there frozen forgotten of any rage I just had. The room in silence I was to shocked to speak I stood there starring at what she had not meaning to shoot at me it was a small thick stake to close to my head as I stood there in shock and starred at it I quickly glanced at her, my mouth open to see her alarmed expression never have I seen such a look on her.

She looked alert and very awake but could till that she was not at first comprehending that it was me, then slowly it came to her that it was me, she put the crossbow down, the look from very much of a warrior to a sudden terrifying look sweaped over her face very quickly. I wasn’t sure what to do or how to act she sat up more straight starting to break down in sobs not looking at me, I just stood there not really saying or doing anything but looking at the stake that was still in the wall and then at her. Finally I spoke but very quietly “what is going on? Dana what is it your not telling me?” I start slowly walking next to her as she continues to sob when I sat next to her I put my hand on her back she was shaking so violently, I have never seen my mother like this my hole life she was always put together and always in control and seeing her like this I didn’t know what to do or say in fact I have to say she was freaking me out. She continues to sob and I make an attempt to calm her down not saying or doing much due to never seeing her like this, finally she calms down and looks at me with so much sorrow and eyes that were red and in a very quick motion that I wasn’t expecting she hugs me in such an embrass that I have never felt before, this hole thing I wasn’t sure how to react to.

I hugged her back trying to suck in the moment that she was human that she wasn’t just a person always put together, she had a breaking point in which I never knew what it was; as we continued hugging her sobs were calming down but still she was shaking violently. When we broke from the hug she looked at me straight into the eyes almost like she was looking into my soul “No matter how we fight, or I know I’m never around especially while you growing up, I love you deeply. If anything ever happened to you my world would crash even though I’m never around, knowing you are safe is everything to me”. These words stung like a thousand bees stinging your hole body, My mother has never said these words to me before I didn’t even think she cared about my safety I mean I knew she cared for me but as for love? I in some ways always thought I was the child she never really wanted to have. And hearing her say these words brought me to tears and I was already getting a headache for crying so much earlier, we have never had a moment like this before were we both end starring at each other.

Not knowing how long we were sitting there on her bed in a daze I came to realize that what ever the reason we were moving it must of had to do something extremely dangerous that she was trying to keep us safe from. And she would tell me everything I had no idea where we were going or what it was she was running from or hiding but a idiot would have to still deny what was really going on, she nearly killed me thinking that I was that something that was hunting her down and now she was desperately running and or hiding even maybe both. But the point in the matter of is that I know she wouldn’t be moving us anywhere if our lives didn’t depend on it, and she wouldn’t be packing so much so freakin fast if she wasn’t that worried or even scared. Apparently she was terrified something what ever it was; was coming for her and from her reaction to kill. She had to be armed and ready in case what ever it was coming for her found her, I wasn’t sure on how to react to anything anymore I was starting to see my mothers true colors slowly, her secret life unraveling slowly. I was finally getting to know my mother in a whole new light and suddenly I had such a feeling that my life every thing that I knew was going to change forever.

Other then going to my room and get what sleep that was left of the night I decided to just stay in my mothers room sleep with her to give some range of comfort, for myself as well. I don’t know how late we stayed up with what had happened all I knew is that all of a sudden the sun was peaking out of the sky. And right when it felt like I got to sleep my mother had gotten up I had no idea if she had gotten an ounce of sleep and I was going to give the same old gruff as I do when I wake up early but the memory of what had happened that night still had me shaken. She quickly got up and getting boxes and bags together to put into the car I had seen a whole new light of her that night but now it just seemed that she was hiding again and back to the mother that I had always knew. She didn’t even bother to get dressed then again she had slept in her clothes, I decided to get up and help her along with grabbing everything to put into the car. I still didn’t want to go and now thinking about it hanging out with the cute boy that I had, had a crush on for so long I knew that most likely I would never see him again. And I wanted to say goodbye to Katie since last night she wasn’t home I wondered if she had gotten home late or something.

Thank goodness we had a big car and we packed it up stuffed to where it would only fit me and my mother in the two front seats. The whole morning we didn’t really say much to each other though the memory of silence of last night still lingered between us, and as the silence continued all through the morning we just packed the car. We were finished by noon literally is how fast we had packed up everything and yet we still had the miscellaneous things still lingering in the house, such as picture frames, and the furniture, and the kitchen devices. She said she would give them to the Salvation Army and looking at our car we had no room what so ever to bring them to the Salvation Army. I didn’t really think it was right that we kept it all here so I had to ask her “Dana, is someone coming to pick up all of what is left behind?” as she had her purse walking out the door she looked back at everything as if to say goodbye “no. I don’t. This house will become bankrupt and they will not be able to find the owner to this place so then everything will go off into auction and they will resell the house”.

She then just turned around and walked out the door as if nothing was affecting her as it was with me as I take one last look around I couldn’t help but tear up. This was the place that I had grew up in even if she was never really around this was my home and I was leaving it, as I stood there thinking that one day I will gain this house back to be mine even if I had to bribe the people out with a million dollars. I take one big deep breathe close my eyes and walk out the door before my feet wouldn’t move towards the door anymore, it had felt as if it took all my will and strength that I had left to walk out. I so wanted to cry I didn’t want to leave this place my home town, my home, everything that I had knew I had what my mother had a face that as if nothing had or was affecting me even though inside I wanted to scream with all my pain, and run that this wasn’t happening none of this was real any moment I would wake up knowing it was a bad dream. As I enter into the car fighting my hardest against the tears that wanted so badly to come out, I still didn’t want to show my mother my weakness. As we pulled out and saying goodbye forever mentally fighting back tears I asked mother “can we please go see Katie before we leave?”

We drove up to her place as we do I saw that there car was still not in the drive way I wasn’t so sure in what to do I didn’t want to leave with out saying goodbye and yet they were still not home. Katie didn’t tell me anything about her family going on a summer trip or anything and I knew that we had to go now, I asked my mother if we could wait for five more minutes how ever I still knew what the answer would be. We drove away I stare at her house as we slowly depart an idea suddenly came over me I would write her a note explaining what had happened and that I would call her as soon as I could, as this idea popped into my head I screamed “STOP!!” mother slammed on the breaks, I looked around for pen and paper. Luckily we always kept scraps in the car in the glove department I quickly wrote the letter jumped out of the car and ran in to her house, then as I do so another idea popped into my head we were like sisters I’m sure that her parents wouldn’t mind me living there, so before I dropped the letter at her door I wrote a p.s and about my idea and for her to ask her parents and then things would be back to how they once were but better I would live with them it would be like roommates.

My mother yelled for me to come back to the car that we had to go now I quickly ran back after wrighting my idea, hopefully she would be home soon and see that. As we drove out of the neighborhood I kept on thinking this is like a road trip your going on another business trip with mother. I had to say something to myself so that I wouldn’t break down right there and yet as we were about to go onto the on ramp for the freeway I couldn’t help but start tearing up again and I was getting highly annoyed with myself I couldn’t help it. Everything in one night in my life had changed everything that I once knew is now gone I for some reason had a strong feeling that I would never come back, it was one of those feelings that you couldn’t shake no matter how hard you tried and you knew from your gut that it was right I wanted to scream and cry out but stood my ground and thought gotta be strong like mother don’t let anyone see what you are feeling. As I wipe my tears away I looked at mother and remember what she had said last night that she would explain everything, “ok so last night you said you would start to explain everything so start your explaining, tell me everything and don’t lie to me anymore, who is after you? Why have you always been gone since I can remember? And when you were gone where did you go? Tom never told me anything all he ever said was ask your mom when she gets home and what news did you say to him to get him so angry to not have him even speak to me?”

As mother drove she took a deep breath hesitated for a bit then finally spoke out “everything that I’m about to tell you is real, nothing is made up, you will think that I’ve gone crazy and need help but I swear to you that everything that you will hear and read is true. The reason why we had to leave the house and you were right someone is coming after me and once they find me they will kill me and you once they find you, what I’m running from is a group of highly dangerous dark creatures. There is another government that I work with not the one for humans but one that involves another world in which creatures that you have already read about in books are real, this group that is after me they are outlaws of there government and I was sent to investigate on and catch them in the act of what they are truly doing to be caught and put away like humans do. In this world Vampires, Witches of good and bad, Elfs, Dwarves, Fairies, and any type of creature that is not seen with human eyes exist in this world I have a whole book on them in my purse you can start reading after I explain everything, but when this group found out what I was doing and I’m still not sure how, but they are extremely dangerous so I ran and have been running, I came home to find Tom working on some kind of project when he saw my face he was shocked to see me back so soon and asked what had happened I had told him everything he had gotten extremely angry saying that I will not put his life in danger and that he had the right to call the child support services on me.

He was never angry with you but because I am your mother he said that I should just take you away from the danger and never come back, he knew you would try to contact him but that it was time for you to be with me so that I can explain everything and bring you some where safe. That group that is after me is called Chernobog meaning dark gods the rumor in the government from the other world is that they r planning to take over the government of the human world. I was sent to find out if this were true I acted as though I were a witch towards them even in some cases had to prove that I was, so I had an old friend teach me to do some simple magic tricks to convince them into a believer and it worked, then I’m not sure but they found out the truth about me nearly killed me I escaped and came running back. I told Tom exactly what was going on by coming back I had put you and him in danger he blew up in his temper said some hurtful things he did a lot of yelling then stormed out saying that he won’t ever talk to either of us again. Realizing what limited time I had I just quickly packed up everything and thought to just bring what the car would hold everything else would be left behind.

I know that its hard for Tom to leave us after he has been part of our small family for decades when you left last night, I took that time for myself to cry myself to sleep I have known Tom for years. We were once partners he even knew your father he was actually the one to introduce me to your father. Tom was like part of the family he was your fathers best friend since they were in high school in some ways it was like he was a brother that I never had he started out to being your god father when you were born, then after your father died I was worried on how to raise you and how to raise you into a normal life I was a wreck when your father was killed in that crash. Tom took it upon himself to help us I was still working in the this business trying to provide for you and cope with the loss of your father, Tom understood me needing my space to cope however after sometime I was lost into my work so lost into it that I would take weeks to months to even years of being away from home. I hid behind my work to fill that space your father filled Tom would give me calls saying that I needed to be home with you and start raising you, I never found it a chore to do so I love you deeply I was just also going through a lot with the loss of your father.

However while I were at home and should have been taking breaks to spend time with you I was so lost into it that I started to even work from home, and not really spend that time you needed with me. Along side I also didn’t want you to know about the world that Tom, me, and your father knew about to keep you safe. I wanted you to live in a normal life a life that I had longed for years ago and didn’t realize that I had left behind, Tom eventually started getting angry with me over time due to me never being there for you, raising you like I should of. He went from being your god father to basically your father figure to nearly like the father you had lost. Also over time he didn’t even consider me family anymore I was lost in my work he had quite the job and went for something more normal more the normal life and for him he wanted to start over along time ago. He never spoke of your father to you because he truly was his best friend and apparently talking about his loss still effects him, and he never would answer any of your questions about me cause he thought it would give us something to talk about, he was trying to think of ways for me to be their for you and talk with you. He one day told me I would eventually tell you the truth about everything he never felt like it was his business to talk about something that I should explain or talk to you about.

Tom loved you dearly it probably pained him to just leave you the way he did with out a proper goodbye but he had no choice, I do hope you get to see him again “. The whole time mother was explaining everything I was just shocked of how she could of kept me away from the truth for so long, and now I was going into the world she was trying to keep me away from why else would she bring me along and have us never come back to my home? She was still lost into her work but now she was bringing me along for the ride I looked at her with seeing her in a new light “so then you spent all this time and energy to keep me away from this other world and the truth, when now your driving me with you to it. We have been on the road for two hours where is it that we are going?”; she replies “O right, we are going to a dear friend of mine she lives in another state it will take us 10 hours to get there so we will be driving for five hours go to a hotel and sleep then tomorrow early morning we drive the next five hours for the rest, do you remember Tiara?” I was trying to remember anyone who came home with my mother when I was a child and I did but very faint I believe all I remembered was her insanely pail skin. But I responded “yeah, but faintly all I really remember is her really pail skin. Is that were we are going? To her house?” my mother nodded “the reason why she had such pail skin is because she is a vampire one of my very first friends that I had made when I first came into the job. We will be safe at her house she has four girls all in which are vampires as well, I would tell you how they became that way but that’s their story to tell. But I would like it if you read the book about the other world so that when you see them you know what to expect and maybe you may learn of more of what I do.”

I picked up the book it had no title or it did but I could barley see it so then I looked at who wrote this to find my mothers name I looked up at her in shock “you published a book? And you didn’t even bother in telling me this?” she nodded once again “its for the beginners of those who enter into the world by working for their government or by other means, it will help you go on read it”. In shock I continued as she said the introduction was some how ironic.


In this book you will find that everything is never as it appears the world you know of has just changed forever. This book is not for the faint heart and what you may read is what you must know for your survival in what creatures to avoid and become acquainted with, a world hidden from the human world right beneath our noises. The creatures that you have only read about in fiction novels and stories to tell to your children to scare them or fairy tails are all true. Such as Fairies, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Lykens, Vampires, Witches, Wizards, Shape shifters, creatures of all light and dark coexisting with one another are all here always around us living daily lives as we are or destroying it as we know.

I’ll start with introducing you to Vampires since this was the first creature that I was properly introduced to they are born as people and reborn into the darkness, the vampire, most awed creature of the night is said to be “a corpse which refuse to surrender their lives” that requires fresh blood from other creatures to continue their undead lives. And if exposed to the light it burns, as though fire were on human skin for long periods of time. However if vampires have a charm, that is bewitched, which could be like a necklace to a ring for the ability to step into the light, then they can step into the light with no effect. For humans they look sickly pail to the skin and have the Goth like appearance, their eyes change color from when they have fed and when they need to feed. Stories also claim that vampires can be warded off with the use of garlic or crosses and that they can be killed with wooden stakes driven through their hearts. These are simply ploys by the media used to increase sales by making people fear the unknown and vampires cannot shape shift, they’re teeth are sharper and they have very small fangs that only grow longer for when they feed. Vampires don’t have a particular place they congregate together like other creatures of there kind, there natural being is to hunt alone and be on there own, however some do like to live among their own kind of what they call coven or family.

Secondly Lykens also known as Werewolves, these creatures has developed the capacity to survive in the most inhospitable of climates from -40 to humid damp gulf swamp, they can run 40 miles none stop, most are 8 feet tall. At night that makes them of what they are is when the moon changes to a full moon is when they’re bones reshape and the curse comes in. They call it a curse because it is not of the choice of the Werewolf to change it is painful more then any human can imagine the bones break and change painfully to that of a Werewolf. The pain is so unbearable that they lose they’re mind to insanity they no longer remember who they are they would kill what ever crosses their path. These creatures do like to gather in what they call family in all different parts of the world, in shape due to muscle once they change the first time and each time muscle grows bigger. The Alphas are very big in shape in human form and even more so wolf form, they like to stick to their own kind. Female Lykens are not very detectable in human shape, females tend to have bodies as of female athletes. You will never see a Vampire and Lykens together, they will for always be enemies.

Third Witches and Wizards have a reputation to be either light or dark by their craft and they live everywhere in the world there most powerful spells comes from the moon depending on what stage the moon is in. The full moon is the most powerful spells, waxing moon for other level of spells. There are Witches and Wizards who are born with the magical blood from generations of generations of their ancestors, these Witches and Wizards do not need spells to create magic though spells do help when doing a very powerful spell or magic in their case. For those who are not born of the magical blood they are regular humans who study witch craft many of these people are known from the dark ages from those of true magical blood to those of study’s of magic. There is White magic and Dark magic, with White magic special herbs and spices are mixed during a certain time of the moon for those who practice the magic they call it Wicca there are many books on Wicca. As for Dark magic this magic is VERY dangerous used to conjure demons and other such creatures not ever meant to roam this world, for those who study the dark arts are very dangerous, they wear lots of symbols of jewelry.

So now of detailing the Dark and light creatures that coexist with one another, I will like to tell about the fairies. Fairies truly are magical in the fairy tails you hear of them small and fly with little wings on they’re backs and have pixie dust coming from their body’s. The world of fairies is a mixture of a mysterious enchantment, a charming beauty, but also of a huge of ugliness, of insensitive shallowness, humor, malice, joy and inspiration, fear, laughter, love and tragedy. It is richer then what we are usually induced to think by literature. In addition, extreme caution should be exercised to penetrate into this world, as nothing is more irritating to fairies then several humans beings curiously moving around their extraordinary dominions like spoiled tourists. Like human beings they live in a universe of contradictions. Fairies are small and secretive you are best to actually leave them alone, the Fae also known as the queen are powerful and not all of them are particularly human friendly, however all fairies are very fast fliers. These creatures are literally all around the world they like forest, lands of flowers or grass they’re nature is to blend in with the wild life .

If a fairy could be human size they would look as though they were an elf reasoning is Elves are tall also short but not like Santas little helpers Elves can reach up to 7 ft and the shortest one you would ever see is 5’7’’.In modern descriptions, elves are either light or dark the light elves having star like eyes, faces brighter then the sun and golden colored hair; the dark elves are pitch black and have sometimes fluorescent eyes, this quality being indicative of their dealing with black magic. Both are attractive, in appearance at least in comparison to humans elves are stronger in spirit and have a constitution of endurance when get grow older they seldom get weaker; instead they become wiser and even more fair. Elves senses, especially of hearing and sight, are much keener and intense then those of men and are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and also have several natural defenses against magical influences. They’re long life spans which can range from 100 to 1000 years maybe accounted to one of the main reasons that elves are very calm and patient with all their actions. It is also known that very often elves end their lives of their own will when they see a necessity to do so or if they think that their lifes goal has been reached, in all they believe when they die they return to nature. They have slightly pointed ears. You would most likely find Elves in forest while dark elves live in deep underground caves.

How lucky are the creatures that get to blend in perfectly with the humans with out really hiding who they really are such as the Dwarves. They are short, stocky demi-humans, known for fowl temper and great stamina; they are easily identified by their size, shaggy hair, and noses. It is culturally expected that all male dwarves to have beards. They are very strong wise due to their long life spains, they make excellent fighters and are very resistant to poison and disease, but cannot swim, and so are very vulnerable to drowning. So among humans in which by others they are also known as midgets they by nature don’t have to hide who they are anymore humans have accepted what they are and who they are. But little do they know that they’re ancestors are from the mountains rocky part of the mountains that over the centuries have come down and live among the humans and ever since have lived among them. Hobbits however are another story they are like the Dwarves such as height however quite a few of their inheritents tends to stick out a bit more, they’re appearance are across between an Elf and a Dwarf but with big hairy feet.. They are a very unusual sight for any human to take in which is why they’re domain is mainly of misty Mountains.

I have saved one for last Shape Shifters nobody knows they’re original form, they can shift into your greatest fears, and nobody knows where they come from or their history. They are known to be the most dangerous creatures ever known, they are known to kill and destroy all in their path, they live alone and like black widows kill the mate after mating. Some believe that many centuries ago they came through a portal where demons dwell and have bred among themselves to multiply ever since.

As I finished the book I looked at the time around noon and I was hungry. I shut the book close but as we continued driving I kept on looking at the book thinking this cant be true all these creatures of Darkness and Light cant be real. I looked at my mother as she was still driving “so can we stop by some place and get something to eat I’m hungry”, she nodded “we can stop by McDonalds and sit in while we talk about were we are going and about that book, what did you think of it?”. She asked as though she were asking about a fiction novel I looked at the book again not sure in what to say, all I could think of is “so it’s true there are so such things as Mermaids” in return all she did was smile. Close to 1pm we got off an exit to McDonalds we ate inside where is was nice and cool we ordered our meal with my being the big Mac combo and large drink we sat down, at first just silence everything was all of a sudden hard to comprehend I kept on thinking my world will be back to normal tomorrow or I will wake up knowing all this was a night mare and I pinched myself just to make sure and a few other things you would do to wake your self up, non worked but I had to check cause all of this felt like it was some kind of crazy dream.

I didn’t want to be here I didn’t want to meet anyone new I should be home talking on the phone stuffing my face or at Katies house assuming she was home now and I should be going out with the one guy I’ve had a crush on all year long. But no I was here eating a really good lunch talking to a mother who was never around while I was growing up. She continued “well Tiara has four daughters the youngest is about your age and all in the house hold are Vampires, I’m not sure of all her daughters ages so I’m sure they will tell you when they start talking to you”. All I do is nod and eat my food while looking out side in-between bites I ask her more questions “so we are running from this group and you think you will be safe at Tiara’s house?” Dana replies “well safer then we would be at the other place, at least at her house its her and her girls who will have the same fighting power.” We didn’t want to point out much names in case we were followed or some spy was watching us so we tried to put names and what we were talking about into a code way. I continue with the questions “so your book didn’t say anything about this government that you work for. Just the creatures in it so what is this government all about do humans know about it?”.

She took her time in answering not sure of how to answer it or still hesitant on telling me everything that she promised she would. After she swallows she looks down “it’s not exactly a government it’s just another world mixed in with the humans that humans don’t know of. There are laws that have to be followed to keep it hidden keep it safe, even though there are creatures in it that would do humans more harm then humans could ever do to them, but still. Obviously not all humans know about this world and it basically is a different world from humans cause of the laws that are laid out and strictness of them. They only allow certain humans to know about them for all kinds of different reasons, but there is a strong family in this world that set these laws and the penalty for breaking them is by death. They reside in Europe underground they have lived on since I believe the Egyptian times and recruit rarely, they have no tolerance for law breakers and little patients for much else.”

I pondered what she was saying since I have never heard of this before, talk about taking in to much while traveling all I can say so far is what a day. I continued asking her questions knowing it was time for us to start going “so then they got a hold of you some how to spy for them to catch these people in the act of doing whatever?” as I asked trying to connect all these pieces together. She was looking like she was being caught in lies just by the way she was acting either that or she was trying to figure out what to say and what not to say to still make the effort in keeping me safe. She took a deep breath shook her head while looking down and all I could think of is “why wont she look at me?” I was starting to get irritated by this and nearly snapped at her til she spoke again “No.. They do not know of my exists and I would prefer it that way, this group that I had discovered they were making plans in attacking the human world government and I needed to know just in what detail and some how catch them in the act of it, so that I could report it to this family with proof. Like I said they have no tolerance for there own kind or there world to break the laws and if they get report its immediate death”.

O no wonder she was acting the way she did, she did lie promising to tell me the truth with much irritation as I was feeling I got up quickly threw away my trash on my way out the door. I didn’t even look at her but knew she was right behind me doing as I was doing right before I got to the car I whipped around and started yelling at her “you said you would start telling me the truth and the only truth so far that you told me was that book! So what is the truth Dana is there a government or is there?! Is this a place you worked for or did you just simply want to stay out of my life?!” she had her mask on once again and didn’t say anything she just simply gestured towards the car and got in. As I was climbing in she started the car up and we left she waited til we got onto the freeway once again before speaking “I mixed the truth in with a lie and I apologize, the truth I don’t work for any kind of government since this world doesn’t really have one, but for an organization that I am forbidden to talk about to catch these type of people to catch there dealings and proofs then they go a deliver to the family in Europe. And that is all”. She wouldn’t say anything more after that and if I asked her a question she wouldn’t answer so we were both silent til we got to a hotel for the night then the morning to make the rest of the trip.

I kept expecting to wake up for this nightmare that any moment I would be in bed with sweat all over me and know that everything is back how it was. But none of that happened this is real I’m not dreaming I even have that strong feeling that I wont ever be returning to my home. Even though I had a big meal my stomach felt like all of a sudden it was balling into a knot, I swear the moment I get to a phone I’m calling Katie and I hope to God she is home. We finally got to a hotel room and checked in mother and I didn’t speak for the rest of the night and I was waiting for her to make her usual nightly walk or just to get out of the room for few hours to I can call Katie up and talk to her. Mother never tells me where she is going she used to but now a days I’m nothing but a wall to her now she never looks at me not even when she is talking to me only when she is being sincere about something is when she does. But when she finally steps out of the room I make my call the phone rings a few times then finally someone answers her mom “hello?” she says.

“O. hi its Susan, is Katie home?”

“yes, here she is” said her mom


“girl! Where have you been? I went to your place last night and earlier this morning and you weren’t there. Where were you? Did you get my note?” Susan said

“O, hey girl. Sorry about that, yeah we were over at my grandmas place. You remember that family dinner I told her about while we were walking home, unless you were all to busy gushing over Rob.” Katie said

“O, yeah I have forgotten all about that” more annoyed at myself that I had actually forgotten Katie hates going over to her grandmas house cause she still treats her like she’s a little five year old and refuses to believe she has grown up.

“yeah… so but we did get your letter, so what’s going on? Did you move out or something? Did your mom come back?” Katie said

Katie knew me all to well and that made me miss home all the more. I nearly started crying on the phone right then and there but needed to tell her everything but yet I knew I couldn’t.

“hello, still there?” Katie said

“yeah I’m still here just very much over whelmed is all. Yes my mom did come back, and yes we did move out. I don’t even know where we are going she wont say. And Tom wont ever speak to me again because of my mom, I came to your place last night to tell you everything. I swear whenever my mom is around I cant ever think straight I do remember you telling me about the dinner but, sorry I forgot.. You and I basically grew up together and we are like family, is there any possible way that your family will let me live there until after graduation then I’ll move out same day or something?” Susan said

I didn’t think her parents would actually go for that knowing that they are always always in a tight bind when it comes to money but yet, always went off to do things as family they would say a lot of those times I would come along. But as for actually stay and live there in knew her parents well enough that most likely they would say no but I had to give it a shot I mean they did know mom or my so called family and its drama and knew that Katie was like my escape from all that.

“Susan, you know my parents, they will let you stay for a little while but to live here I highly doubt it, as much fun and awesome that would be. But I will talk to them and explain maybe they will after all it’s the last year and Rob and everyone is already talking about some beyond amazing graduation party that’s gonna be off the chain” Katie said

“seriously people are already starting to talk about that we just started summer break, ah. Katie I hope they will ok it seriously I want to come back home.” Susan said

“O and just so your parents know how important this is I may never come back. I actually know this”

“wait. What?! Never come back?! Where are you now?! I thought it was like to another city or something, I thought you were making this into a drama thing that didn’t need to be. Where are you Susan?” Katie said

I knew that may catch her full attention.

As I sigh “O, just out of state or will be tomorrow anyways I’m in----“

The line went dead. How could that happen? That wasn’t even long distance, I checked for phone line and everything was still plugged in so how could it go dead? Ah. Just wonderful I finally get to talk to my best friend try to explain to her of what’s going on then finally when I get to the punch line of how seriously this situation is the line goes dead, figures. I turn on the TV flicking through the channels hotels never have anything good on, of course they always have bibles in places, so to find out why the line went dead I dialed ‘0’ for the operator but nothing. Something didn’t feel right the phone wasn’t working anymore, my mom was still walking out there, I put on my sandels and open the door to go outside. It was dark and empty not much cars drove by either. I went back in to get my hotel key so I could go to the office and tell them the phone lines are down, the lights outside were still on. But still something didn’t feel right and I couldn’t shake that off as I was walking to the office the lights behind me were going out which felt really creepy.

I stopped. looked around and nothing I would think that even my mom would be around but I didn’t even know where she was. I continue walking looking around and being cautious the office was just down the street not far at all I could see it from where I was standing, so I stopped being paranoid and continued that feeling was getting stronger and now it felt as though someone was behind me, as I walking I felt the need to run, run fast, run towards the light and where people are at. As I started running all the lights around me went out then all of a sudden I couldn’t move, I was literally stuck where my feet stood as though a force that I couldn’t see had me stuck. I kept on looking at the office hoping someone would come out so I could scream for help, then someone or something was there. It was dark all around I dark figure stood near a building that was near me, it started walking towards me but inhumanly speed it was as though time had frozen or at least felt like it cause I was scared out of my wits end.

“wh-wh-who's there?” Susan said

Then it had me by the throat pushed me up against the building choking me. It was a he a man that was about Toms height 6 feet at most, he laughed a gurgling evil laughter his eyes were dark red and he had fangs. O shit! He was a vampire!! Panic ripped through me.. I had no defensive armor on me I couldn’t scream, then he noticed something that was off he looked at me his smile turned to curiosity. He spoke in what seemed like a singing whisper “your not Dana. Who are you?” his grip on my throat started to loosen so I could tell him “I’m Susan, h-h-her daughter” his smile came back. “O… hahaha excellent then, then maybe by killing you I could give her the message” his grip on my throat tightened up again his mouth opening to reveil his fangs, I close my eyes getting ready for my death his mouth close to my vein on my kneck. Then the last moment he stubbled back in shock dropping me in the process I was wondering what is going on to then find a small stubby women behind him with a stack in his back where his heart would be, my mother! The look on her face was furious and powerful I barley heard her whisper to him before he closed his eyes to die “yeah and I got the message”.

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