"Help Me"

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This is a story about a girl named Jacie Richardson. She took walk in the forest and got lost. She began to have crazy hallucinations and couldn't find her way home.

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013




If I don’t move then it will just pass me. I was taken affright. I never had to face

anything like this. In all my peaceful calm soothing walks it never crossed my mind that a Zonetta would endanger me. There have been stories and warnings to this but… the mist that surrounded me seemed to have grown thick. I stopped all sudden movement, I didn’t even breath. The Zonetta with its dark black web looking wings and its horn the color that oozes from a painful wound seemed to sense my presence. The trees seemed to all merge as one. The dim lit forest smelled of rain and a tropical kind of sent I can’t quite put my finger on. I began to hear vague forest sounds that were not audible before. I loved being alone in the forest, just me alone with the sounds, sights, and smells of the peaceful line up of trees and odd plants that surrounded me.  I also hadn’t noticed my hair had come undone I had styled in two French braids to the back wrapped into a bun because I hated my hair in my face or anywhere near it. I would get all itchy. My synthetically black braid hung down a little past my shoulders.


My shoulders were bare because I had on my tie die 70’s hippie tank top. My shoulder began to itch at a time and a place like this. I learned in secondary learn that Zonetta are venomous creatures they suck your blood and replace the amount sucked with a poison gas.  I never fancied myself learning more because I never thought this would happen. The Zonetta placed its body in the adjacent tree to my right. I knew that the Zonetta was neither a bird nor insect, but I hadn’t a clue of what it really was. The itch from my shoulder seemed to crawl up my neck and harass my face. My face grew hot. I had to or I would go mad, one little flick of the braid and I would be relived but at what cost. I slowly moved my eyes over to the coffee cup sized creature sitting peacefully on the tree without a care on the tree. When my eyes made it to their destination my head slowly and very cautiously followed. When the Zonetta did not react, I turned my head and attention to my braid. I flicked it from my shoulder. So indulged in the relief I failed to notice that the Zonetta had disappeared from its post in the tree.


I heard a slight and calm hum before I felt a thrashing thud of pain in my right shoulder.  I fell to my knees and when I fell I busted my knee on a sharp edged rock that set its self up there on purpose. The pain was unbearable. I began to scream out for help. Within a matter of seconds the pain had disappeared. This shocked me so much that I laid my head back in a motion all to fast. But there was a problem, the rest of my body didn’t quite line up with my head. I was sure it had fallen to the ground because I tried to push it down more and it didn’t budge. I took the tip of my finger and ran them along the back of my head. I could feel a ridged sort of ground and a warm thick liquid spreading rapidly. I dabbed my fingers in the liquid and brought them back to my face the liquid was a crystal blue kind of color. I felt that this was not right but I didn’t know why. I didn’t know if my wounded knee was in my head or had it actually happened. I picked my self up and I stood on my feet. I felt odd. A sense of numbness overwhelmed me and I felt at peace before I heard a blood curtailing plea. I was unsure of where the scream was born so I began a vague searched with my eyes. I heard the scream again “HELP ME! SOMEBODY PL-E-E-E-Z-Z-Z-E somebody!” the voice of this scream sounded dreadfully familiar. It had a feminine ring to it so I assumed it was a girl.

My brain sent the command to my legs to walk but by the no reaction of my legs I guessed the message was late. I must have just thought about walking and not actually sent a command. I began the process again, this time my legs appeared in front of me bent in the taking a step position. I couldn’t feel any of this. I began repeating these motions. I couldn’t feel my body. I felt as if all my limbs and my torso were gone. I could still feel my head enough to know it was there. I hadn’t the faintest clue as to where I was going but I was alarmed when I saw a huge water fall in the distance to my right. Zonettas love water. I wanted to go to the water and drink maybe it would flush out whatever was pulsing threw my blood stream. I walked and then noticed my forehead commenced catching a chill, a drop of neon green liquid was sliding down the side of my face. What was this strange foul scented water like liquid joyriding down my face as if it were an open road? This was confusing. I didn’t know what happening to me. I also noticed my shirt had become severely damp by of it. I placed my fingertips at the chest of my shirt, it did not feel wet. I still had no feeling in my body. I sat on the flat surfaced, moss covered rock sitting across from me.


There was a pink pebble sitting on the big root of the tree before me. I thought it was cute, mostly because it was pink. My mother used to call me backward because I loved pink and I’m not exactly a “girly girl”. The pebble flattens its self. I noticed that it was larger and still growing. Soon it covered the whole root of the tree. It began to trickle up the tree and spread across it. I had never seen this before in my life, but strangely it did not seem odd. Within a matter-of seconds, before me stood a hot pink tree. It was beautiful. I wondered why there were no other trees in mature like this. I moved to touch it. I placed my finger on the tree it was cold. The kind of cold that was wet then became cold. I pulled my hand away from the estranged tree. I looked it over then I realized I felt the temperature of the tree! I could now feel in my hand. I took one more look at my favorite color tree had in fact turned into its rightful color and the pebble had vanished also. I was taken aback. What was happening to me? Had I dreamed that? If so what else had I dreamed?


“Hey you!” I heard the strange feminine voice cry out. Were they talking to me? Why had they targeted me any way? I was in dreadfully needing of help my self. I tried to screamed back out to the lady but nothing not a sound touched my tongue. I was a car without its engine. This time I was more perniciously attacked with the words “HELP ME I KNOW YOU”RE THERE DO SOMETHING!” I felt this was no way to ask for help and therefore the much subsided help I could offer, was not going to be given to such a rude young lady. After a while of walking my conscience leaked through my body, and I decided to find this girl. Maybe she could tell me where to find help. It was fairly dark now. The trees all peered down at me with their long twisty windy branches holding up the sky. I hadn’t found “strange familiar voice” yet and I felt it was time to throw in the towel. After about an hour of me staring up dizzily at the tree tops it became cold. The chill ran up my spine in a frantic chase. I was alone, half numb, injured, and helpless.  What was I to do? I needed this girl’s help just as much as she needed mine. Who was I to deny help when I needed it also? A calm whistle in the wind brought me back. A few trees down there were a pile of rocks built perfectly like a cocooning shelter; I could just a bout squeeze into. I made my way and slid in between them. I could not sleep. I was somewhat warmer now with the rocks blocking some of the wind but I could not fall asleep.


There were some questions stabbing the back of my brain like a butcher to his meat. Why hadn’t anyone found me yet? I mean was I that far from home? I couldn’t be, I never venture to far from home when I take my walks, but then again I had been walking around all day. After a night of quizzical questions dawn broke free across the sky. I squirmed out of the rocks. I stood up mostly feeling the warmth of the sun. I was glad to feel whole again. The numbness faded and I felt robust. I started along. Today I was going to find home. I felt sad I was unable to find “strange familiar voice”. I pictured her blonde about 15nish, she wore a blue jacket-navy blue and she wore those wheat colored boots with the symbol of the tree engraved in them and she wore hunters gear from the neck down. I personally wouldn’t fancy such attire. I liked tank tops and stretch pants of all colors and my shoes are more of the boots up your knee-leather with the shoestring going all the way up. I would probably never meet her even though her voice sounded so familiar.


There was a bush; in fact there were bushes with grape colored fruit on them. The fruit was round and each fruit had water trickling down each one. “What are you doing? Don’t stop, keep going!” The voice turned my mood tremulous. The rocks beside me were shaking then I noticed the shaking was being done by me and uncontrollably. “What’s your problem?” It was strange familiar voice. “As a matter of fact here I come “DON’T MOVE I’m going to rip you to shreds” was uttered before a diabolical yet monotone laugh. I stumbled to my feet then I began to run I randomly choose a direction because I didn’t know where the voice was coming from. As I was running dizziness fell over my body like a bed spread over a bed. Again the question stung who was strange familiar voice and why had they targeted me? The trees before me fell into place and so did all the other trip fueling things. In the haze of falling over I heard vague foots steps thumping rapidly behind me. I was being chased. I heard a series of several beeps, and then I got up and kept on moving no sense in staying to chat over tea. She was coming. Why was she coming, what were those beeps?


Then I stopped dead cold in my tracks, before me stood the hot pink tree. The neon green liquid began oozing down my forehead before it merged at the neck with the crystal blue thick liquid. I looked to my left then to my right frantically and confused I saw the pile of rocks I had slept in before. I dabbed my fingers in the mixture of liquids on my neck. I had no feeling in my hands and then all over my body. I blinked several times not totally believing this. After the last blink I was no longer standing but laying on the ground my head perched up on a rock. A puddle of dark liquid surrounded my legs. Then promptly my shoulder felt as if it were being smashed by a boulder my head was thumping with a severe pain, and my knee felt impaled by a butcher’s knife. What was happening to me?  The beeping sound surfaced again. A girl stood before me her legs apart over my legs and she was bent her hair was a mess, it was black with a French braid on the left side and on her right it had come half undone. The middle of her head had strings of hair flying askew. There was blood dripping from her neck down her chest until it let go of her and dripped on me. With each drip the sound amplified and echoed in my ear. Her tie die t-shirt was drenched, her black stretch pants were ripped at both knees but one of her knees had substantial blood pouring out of it. There was a huge red bump covering her whole right shoulder. Her face was drained and fat it didn’t quite match her slim figure. I peered at the girl and wondered if she was strange familiar voice. A shock ran threw my chest before I heard a man scream “CLEARRRR!” and another shock ricocheted into my body before I drifted and everything went black.



“Today at 11:57 am missing 15yr old Jaycee Ridgerson was found four miles in to the forest from her home, she is currently in rainy forest medical center where she is pronounced alive but in critical condition. Police say she was stung by a Zonetta they will not release any further detail. Mothers are advised to keep their children in doors police officials do not know if the Zonetta season has started early this year. We will keep you updated on this story. I am Robert Nolan of WWN news reporting live channel 25.”

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