The Endless Days of Summerland - HollyJaye's Challenge

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This is an original fan fiction-short story I wrote for Holly Jaye's challenge. It includes Prince Niall and Summerland from the Sookie Stackhouse novels, which were written by Charlaine Harris. The HBO series "True Blood" is based on them.

Submitted: March 07, 2010

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Submitted: March 07, 2010




Viola Maeven sighed. She sighed a lot these days, since Prince Niall ordered the portal to the human world closed. Sure, it was good not having to worry about such dangers as iron and vampire attacks. Even so much as touching iron is deadly poison to the fey, and caused instantaneous death. Although some of the blood-suckers had self-control, faery blood was the most delicious blood of all to vampires.

She didn't mind the risks of the human world, in fact they made life there more exciting. My life is so boring now, Viola thought. To the beautiful female faery, each day seemed the same as the next. It was just one endless procession of sameness. Viola sighed again as she floated above the water. This was her favorite place for alone time when she used to visit Summerland, the faery world, in the past. As much as Viola enjoyed visiting relatives in Summerland, she was always ready at the end of her short visits to return back to the human world; back to her new bubble gum blue camaro, her jacuzzi and her giant closet full of the latest haute couture. She missed junk food, cell phones, television and going out to restaurants.

I miss restaurants the most, the faery thought as she sighed. Viola loved the stares and attention she got from the humans when she went out. Faeries were extraordinarily beautiful to humans, even if the humans had no idea that faeries existed. Here in Summerland, Viola was just an average faery. She had no royal blood in her veins.

Prince Niall was royal. As the oldest living fey he had the most power in Summerland. Viola liked Prince Niall. She had a wicked thought, though - what if Prince Niall died? Maybe the next Prince would open the portal again. Even if Niall died soon, say in the next couple hundred years, Viola's expensive possessions in the human world would be gone. Still, Viola was certain she could acquire wealth again quickly. The humans loved faeries so much that they practically threw money at them.

"There you are, Vi," said a voice behind Viola. The startled female faery almost fell off her floating rock.

"Rierdan!" Viola jumped down and ran to the handsome male faery. She threw her arms around him. "I missed you so much!" Viola cried.

Rierdan smiled at Viola and hugged her back. Then he bent down and kissed her. The dull day was definitely taking an interesting turn for Viola. Rierdan was a close relative of Prince Niall. In fact he could potentially be an heir to Niall's throne.

"That was so nice," Viola purred in Rierdan's ear when the kiss stopped. Rierdan stroked her long purple hair and smiled.

"Rie, do you ever miss the human world?" Viola asked, knowing he did.

Rierdan stopped smiling and glanced at the water. "Yes, I do...all the time," he said wistfully.

"What do you miss the most?" An idea had formed in Viola's mind. She decided to find out if Rie missed the human world as much as she did, and if not, maybe Viola could help him miss it more. After Rierdan listed the many things he missed now that he was stuck in Summerland, Viola was certain that he felt the same way she did. She decided to plant a new idea in his head.

"Rie, do you think when Prince Niall dies that the next Prince will open the portal to the human world again?"

Rierdan's forehead wrinkled as the meaning of Viola's question sunk in. "It's possible, Vi. I hope so."

"How much longer do you think he might live?" Viola asked. Viola decided that she would not say anything else about the subject today to Rie. She would just let Rierdan think about Niall's death awhile, as well as the possibility of re-entering the human world.

Viola's eyes gleamed. She was thinking about the piece of well-wrapped iron she had smuggled into Summerland. She had cleverly hidden it in a place no one would ever find it, she was sure. If anyone ever found the iron and touched it accidentally, it would be sudden death. Even to a powerful fey like Prince Niall. In the human world Niall had a special protective plastic made to cover his hands. It protected him well from iron. He would never dream he might need it in Summerland.

Viola realized that now, thanks to her new plan, the maddening ennui would come to an end. She might even get a taste of the danger and excitement she craved...that is, if Reirdan decided he liked the new plan as much as she did. It would take time to see the plan come to fruition. Time was something you always had plenty of here in the fey world.

There were infinite amounts of it during the endless days of Summerland.


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