Cheated Love

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A poem about lost love.

Submitted: June 19, 2008

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Submitted: June 19, 2008



As the darkness settles in
The sunlight starts to fade
My anger, it is boiling up
I’m sick of this charade

I’m tired of all these late nights
Wishing for you to come back home
And wondering if you’ll tell the truth
Or bother to call me on the phone

I have no idea where you are
No clue to where you’ve been
Are you with some pretty woman
Or drinking with your men?

I’m sick of all these questions
Dead tired from all your lies
And you, the one I once called love
Turn quickly to sick despise

No more of all these nighttime worries
I shall sleep until it’s light
Regarding you, my false loved lover
I must do what is right

I’m leaving now; I won’t be back
Don’t bother to write or call
And please don’t waste your charm on me
For it, I refuse to fall

The darkness now is fading fast
There is little left to pack
The sun will rise and I shall go
I never will look back

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