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Playful little creatures...

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



The night I smacked a grimlin in the head with a fuckin' shoe!

So I am laying in bed; 3:00 A.M. I am half asleep with my phone plugged into the charger laying on my chest when I hear something fall on my desk and my phone is knocked down. Fuck! I pick my phone back up while noticing my pile of shoes on the floor next to my bed. Nice place for them right? Well... Again I am halfway asleep when it happens again. That little shit, I thought. I have to get up in three hours for work and I have sleep issues anyways. Irritated, I picked up my shoe and threw it at the sound of another crash near my desk. What happens next was a surprise to me... I hear a silence breaking screech! Holy Shit! Followed by the screech was another crash that sounded like it hit the dresser next to my desk. The only thing I could think of at this time; damn those grimlins!

What are grimlins? They are extraordinary, little playful creatures. They are unlike any childhood creature you have ever read about. The little shits are not harmful by no means. Remember when you were younger and you worried about monsters under the bed? Or, one sock ended up off your foot during the night and hidden in the most strange spot in the world? When everything seemed out of place with no explanation?

A few years back my brush disappeared with no trace. My mom would say when I asked her if she had seen it, "I am not responsible for your belongings." I would throw myself on my bed and say out loud, "Can I please have my brush back?" The next morning I would wake up to my brush laying on my bed side table. That is when I realized the grimlins only liked to play games. But, like an actual person, if you push their buttons pay back is a true blue bitch! So the thought of me nailing one in the head tonight kind of worries me. What does this little creature have in store for me tomorrow night? Maybe I should hide all my valuables, but either way they will find them. The moments you are alone but you feel you are watched its because the grimlins are watching you, though you dont realize it. They are very sneaky.

I hear them snicker when I stub my toe on something that wasnt on the floor a few hours before. Id get up to go piss in the middle of the night and theres something in my path to the bathroom that wasnt there before. I love these little playful creatures, but they frustrate me! But tonight was the first night I have ever experienced one screech because I hit it with my shoe...

Back to the grimlins....
Anything comes up missing or is moved from its original place, blame it on the grimlins! They exist and love games.

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