My Forever...

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Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013




My Soul-Mate…
Forever is not long enough for me…
My love, my one and only. He is the one invading my thoughts. He is the one who makes his love known through actions.
A man of few words, a man whose one look explains all. The love he shares through one look, one touch. It amazes me how this one man can make such a difference in my life. And he has, he completes me. He shows me the better part of life. He is so damn crazy, he puts that smile on my face. I love him. Dearly. But words may never be able to describe my love for this man. The man I have fallen for a long time ago. This man, my man, the man who is my rock. My support. He is a real man.
Love is a feeling you never want to let slip out of your grasp. When you cant imagine your life without that person. When you can only look forward to the next time you will get to see this person. He is simply become the foundation to my life. The undying love you can share for a special someone. How can you look in his eyes and say no? How can you look into his eyes and still be able to walk away? How can you find the will to say good-bye? When seeing him hurt, hurts you just as deeply. Seeing him leaves, crushes your heart deeply. Hearing the words in an argument or little fight, feels like you lost the only thing that meant the world to you.
He became my forever.
My love forever.
My future.
I will always love you.

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