The Universe's Mystery...

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Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



The Universe’s Mystery…
Everyone has different beliefs. Some Christian, Atheist, Paganism, or those who just believe in whatever the hell they want to.
I believe everyone has questioned their beliefs at least once in their lifetimes. That is kind of an obvious statement isn’t it? Some are even forced into a specific religion from whom they were raised by and that’s how they have always followed. Believing in God takes a lot of faith because you have those critics who put down Christians and what they believe in. In the bible it states, in my own words, it is not your place to judge others. No one is perfect though and judging is kind of something that no one really notices they are doing. You go to the grocery store and pass by someone different than yourself. Think back on some of your thoughts on that person, at first glance, then tell me I am not right.
Christians believe Jesus died on a cross for everyone’s sin. It takes so much faith to follow that religion and stick with it while you have so many distractions of the world. There are Christians who backslide everyday. No one is perfect, not even close. I am not writing this to talk solely on Christianity, but to bring up the contrary, the Big Bang Theory. So, what’s up with this? They explain how one day the universe went BOOM and there was the planet earth and its galaxy. After that we formed from monkeys? Hmm.. This has always just baffled me. I cant force myself to believe in something like this, but I still don’t have enough faith to believe that a man made all of this. A well known question; how did Jesus come to be? Was he always just a presence? My lack of faith brings up questions on how I managed to deal with having an adopted set of parents who was a pastor and a wife that was devoted to that church.
So now, astronomers has discovered a newborn star when they caught a glance of a planet forming around it. It’s the stage of the planetary evolution that has not yet been experienced until now. That is very interesting to me. The world, the universe, the multiple galaxy’s, and the ones that have not yet been discovered, just seem to keep on going. It’s all just energy creating itself. I believe the energy we, as humans use in our life create us. We use that energy, whether negative or positive, to create our life. After all, life is merely what we perceive it to be.
A disk of spinning dust left over from its formation surrounds the star, and from this material, planets are being created, absorbing the material around them. This just seems so interesting and amazing to me. No wonder it takes so much faith to be a Christian, nothing has been 100% proven to where no question can go unanswered.
So what can a person do these days? Are we suppose to believe after a huge boom, we just all existed? Or, that POOF and God created Jesus from a virgin and died for our sins? If so, where did God come from? Too many questions, too many contradictions. If everything just went BOOM and everything existed, and we came from monkeys, where did the monkeys come from?
It will forever be a mystery.

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