Gambling: A Secret Battle

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The Secret Inner Battle Within You Becomes a War Outside Of You That Everyone Can See : Gamblig Addiction

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012



I'm sure that you have seen on commercials or read in books about good versus evil.  The angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other shoulder and they both are trying to influence or control the person's decision.  On television it all seems harmless and even comical but the reality is that it is a reality.  That's all of our battle. Good versus evil and right or wrong.  I believe that some of us are predisposed to certain demons. Have you ever known someone who was an alcoholic and their father was an alcoholic and his father was an alcoholic ? Somethings I believe are genetic. Now that does not mean that because a parent may have been an alcohlic the child has to be an alcoholic. I firmly beloeve that cycles can be broken.  Some of us have inner battles and demons that we must fight as result of our choices we make.  I believe that the more yoiu feed a demon or that inner turmoil the bigger and stronger it becomes.  Not only does it become bigger and stronger it compounds itself.  So to the point it controls you. Some people have the ability the wherewithal to not give in and many others do not.  Coming from a person who once did cocaine some addictions compound itself.  For example gambling, one of the most secretive addictions a person can own.  One can be addicted to gambling and noone could ever look at that person and know exactly how severe it is.  Gambling is a game of risk/chance couples with cheating and lying.  C'mon let's look at for what it really is , bluffing (a form of  lying ) , poker face ( a form of deception ).  Those characteristics can begin to filter over into a person's normal life and start compounding.  Gambling requires money. When a person has exhausted their alotted resources then they go into other resources designated for specific use.  In other words, a person plans on gambling $40.00 but get so caught up they spend bill money.  Gamblers have to feed their addiction.  When they do not have money in some cases the person resorts to theft or fraud or enter into contratcs they know they cannot keep becasue of the addiction.  Alot of times gamblers within are lonley people because the addiction is secretive /silent.  Many many gamblers deal with depression and some thoughts of suicide.Gambling compounds lies for unaccounted time and money.  Because this addiction is so needy at times when the person cannot gamble that craving can emerge in other forms.  Some become heavy drinkers or sexually out of control. Don't be fooled a person addicted to gambling will chose the high over sex, food , water , or even going to the bathroom because they don't want to leave their seat.When the darkside of a person is in control stupid choices are made. The choices are based on that moment , sometimes a person is unaware of the fact that they are out of control. In the darkside moment they want satisfaction and they give in. Then they have to emerge back to reality but when they emerge back to reality something comes with them.The result of their actions.  And the lives of others are affected. So how do you face your darkside moments that followed you into your reality ?  I believe that acknowledgement to yourself is key. We have to honestly acknowledge it within because telling God or people does nean anything if you don't believe you have a problem.  Once one really comes to grip with the fact that the elephant is in the room then Confess it to tyhe Lord. Gotta be willing to accept practical help like therapy or counselling.  Find someone that you can talk to and your life be an open book.  Don't shut down open up. 


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