bring him home to me again

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originally lyrics of a song this is a personal peom of mine its inspired from a dream that i can now merely piece together i believe it has meaning.. so i recalled the best of what i can n sewed it all together to try n find the missing piece ,... maybe sumday ? ....

Submitted: October 14, 2007

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Submitted: October 14, 2007



driving down the road shes on the way to  pick him up

coming round the bend she can see his pick up truck ,

and in a moment he is gone and all she hears are her own screams ...

she cant be woken up from this one it isnt  just another dream ....

there are people calling her but shes too far away

cant believe wats right infront of her two eyes today

is he alive or is he dead  ?shes just to numb to even speak,

the memory plays in her head everyday of every week...

oh wont ya bring him back just giv me one last chance to make it right

im tired of dwelling on the past and I cant sleep alone at night 

,, lord if its something that I did if I can take it back I will ...

but im begging of u bring him home again,......

2 months gone by and now its time to have the baby

shes so afraid without him she cant do it  on her own .

and noone tells her was it is to raise a baby all alone

what future for your child exists when she herself dont even kno

oh wont ya bring him home to see his little boy hes got his eyes,, a little part if him im holding in my arms but I still cry...

ill never love another man the way I knew how to love him  and ill never give up hope please bring him home to me again

we,re just a family devided please bring him home to me again ....


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