One Can Dream (Twilight)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl gets the chance of a lifetime...

Elizabeth Mercy gets the chance of a lifetime when she wins a contest to meet the cast of New Moon. But upon her arrival, she realizes she is being followed by an ominous presence. What will Elizabeth do when her favorite fictional world begins to take on a life of its own?

"I ran in the only direction I could, away from the howling, and towards the trailers. I stumbled in the darkness, the moonlight now my only light. My mind could find no coherent space to think this through.
I dashed in between two trailers, and covered my ears with my hands to stifle the howling. I leaned my back up against the side of one of the trailers, my chest heaving with breaths forcefully taken, adrenaline pumping through my veins.

The howling suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes, to realize I was looking into the face of a stranger."


(All characters in this book are fictional.)

Table of Contents

One Can Dream

A girl gets the chance of a lifetime... Read Chapter

A week later, and my life had begun to feel like a tornado.The local news teams had interrupted my classes to interview me about the cont... Read Chapter

“Hey, wake up.” “Huh?”I woke slowly, feeling more than a little groggy.Plus the crick in my neck from holding a seriously unc... Read Chapter

I walked back into my own room, shut the door, and locked the top bolt.Maybe the whole cast and crew were staying here, but better safe t... Read Chapter

“Oi!” “Uh…” I started. Surely I wasn’t this star struck. I had always imagined scenarios of meeting famous people. I woul... Read Chapter

“So, what does everyone else call you?” he asked sheepishly as we stepped through the open elevator doors. I let him... Read Chapter

I had to blow on the spoonful of clam chowder before I could take a bite.It was piping hot, and I’d already made the mistake with my fi... Read Chapter

I scrambled backwards into the street, trying to separate myself from the dark alley and whatever was lurking in its shadows.I fell backw... Read Chapter

“Shit, shit, shit!We leave her alone for like two seconds and she freakin’ faints in the middle of the road!”Nikki was screaming at... Read Chapter

It always felt so weird when people opened up to me so quickly, but that had been the story of my life.Mom called it my ‘gift of comfor... Read Chapter

“Oh girl, that outfit looks hot!”Eric with the production crew exclaimed, stepping back to admire his work.I had been jolted awake th... Read Chapter

“Boys, this is Anna.She’s the fan who won the contest.”Jillian introduced me, giving me a slight push. “Hey, I thought that c... Read Chapter

We were walking through a row of trailers, and I felt slightly odd walking in between two very tall and rather handsome boys – guys, I ... Read Chapter

The ‘wolf pack’, as I now thought of them, spent some more time showing me around.We poked our heads into trailers, looking for signs... Read Chapter

We emerged from the sea of tents and trailers to a small plot of grass that had been converted into an open air dining area.Food was arra... Read Chapter

“What do you think, Anna?” Kristin asked me. “Hmm?” I shook myself back into the real world.“About what?” “Were you... Read Chapter

We spent the rest of the afternoon flitting from set to set.Taylor and the rest of the wolf pack had taken it upon themselves to show me ... Read Chapter

“Um, okay, killer, you’re gonna have to put me down now,” I said to Chaske once we had crossed the sea of sharp gravel.All this bla... Read Chapter

-Chaske- As soon as he felt the shadows envelope him, he lent his body over to the shaking:spine ripping, bones breaking and contorti... Read Chapter

-Anna- I awoke to the chilling howls of wolves.It seemed as though that sound would haunt me for the rest of my life.I couldn’t esc... Read Chapter

Back at the cluster of trailers and tents, we ran into Jillian, or rather, she found us. “Oh, there you are!I’ve been wondering w... Read Chapter

I felt alone out in the dark wooded area in front of the big house, like someone on the outside looking in.I could see all of the actors ... Read Chapter

“Hmmm,” purred the stranger.“What have we got here?” His black hair was a sharp contrast to his skin, pale like the moonlight... Read Chapter

My fragile body had been thrown into the back seat with little care for my own safety.My mind was roaring as I tried... Read Chapter

- The Pack – Faster, faster, faster! Ran the chant across six minds. The fowl stench of the two demons was driving the wolf pac... Read Chapter

- Anna - I awoke in a dark room, the only light coming in from under the door.I lay in the middle of a cold concrete floor, huddled i... Read Chapter

I leaned back against the wall for support and began to cry.“What do you mean, dessert?” I asked through strangled tears. “From... Read Chapter

I awoke with a start.Marge had entered the room and was wiping my face with a damp towel.My body screamed in soreness as I jolted upright... Read Chapter

It continued on like that for three days.Marge would bring food to my dark little room and tend to me during the day.Then each night Thom... Read Chapter

-Anna- “Something’s gone terribly wrong,” Marge said, as she began to shake. A steady flow of voices, heightened by rage, w... Read Chapter

Marge slowly left my side in a trance-like state to walk through the door, shutting it behind her as was her body’s habit.I heard the b... Read Chapter

-Hunter- The two vampires had put up quite a fight, and I took pleasure in biting off the head of one that carried a large amount of ... Read Chapter

-Anna- I awoke in a thin gown, lying in a bed that felt too uncomfortable to be my own.I struggled to sit up, but I noted rather quic... Read Chapter

The days passed unobtrusively.People came in and out to visit.Hunter, however, never left her side.Ever present and comforting, he had st... Read Chapter

I sat in the corner of the crowded airport caf my suitcase at my feet.As I sipped on my Coke, I noticed a section of newspapers and magaz... Read Chapter