The Reason I'm Happy

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Probably the most retarded song I've ever written... hey, what can I say. It's the first song I've composed in ages! My environment wasn't exactly stable at the moment.

Submitted: July 22, 2009

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Submitted: July 22, 2009



The reason I'm happy

Isn't because of the smile upon your face

The reason I'm happy

To others it seems like such a big disgrace

The canaries aren't singing

The bells aren't ringing

Silence is blanketing anything and everything


If you think I'm smiling cuz a good deed has been done

If you think I'm laughing cuz my world is number one

Well you are wrong

And my reasons are long

Just shut that mouth of yours and stare into the sun

Into the sun

Into the sun

Just stop your wondering and look straight into the sun

The reason I'm happy

Is because the end is near

The reason I'm happy

Is because I see your bloody tears

Your heart has been busted

The world is disgusted

With all the pain and suffering I wanted them to hear


No help can fix me and my unusuality

I break ever rule, ever step, every policy

If I explained you would never understand

Why I require your blood, YOUR BLOOD on my hands!

[[Instrumental Bridge]]

[[Chorus x2]]

(...just look into the)

Look into the

Look into the sun

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