Room One-Ten

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of lost souls who found its way to be together.

Submitted: September 11, 2010

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Submitted: September 11, 2010



Tick-tock…tick-tock… Vanny drowsily glanced at the clock at the station, “five minutes before my off…” she thought to herself. A sudden buzz awoke her. Then she came running to Room 110 “What can I do Mrs. Conway?” She kindly asked. “I think I have to go poo…my daughter is not here yet.” She replied tiredly. “Okay Ma’am…I’ll help you.” “Thank you miss beautiful…” “Vanny, Ma’am. You can call me Vanny.” “Oh yeah, I remember…you already told me that last time. I’m sorry I’m not good with names.” She smiled. “It’s fine with me Ma’am…” “I could see that you have a good heart…” “Thank you Ma’am…” “I can’t poo.” She reached for Vanny’s hand. Vanny took her hand. “Thank you for taking care of me Vanny…” She said, teary-eyed. “It’s my job Ma’am.” “You can go now. I’ll just wait for my daughter. I’m worried about her...It’s already ten o’clock.” Her voice sounded concerned, “thank you again Vanny.” Vanny shut the door slowly after she went out.

“Please watch over Mrs. Conway.” Vanny told Elaine, the after shift nurse. “Yeah…we’ll have our rounds later.” Elaine answered. “She’s a good woman…” Vanny said while fixing herself. “Yeah…” Vanny then said goodbye to her coworker.

She was on her way put when she saw Cherrie, Mrs. Conway’s daughter, rushing from the entrance door. She’s carrying a basket of apples. “Cherrie!” Vanny called out. “Yeah!” Cherrie said, smiling. “Your mom is looking for you…she’s worried about you.” “I know. That’s why I’m in a hurry. I’ve been stuck at school. Vanny, I’m sorry but I have to go – my mom is waiting…” Cherrie said as she turned her back. Vanny smiled, “I have never seen such closeness…” she said to herself.

Outside the hospital, while she was waiting for her cab, she noticed a crowd of people across the street drifting away as EMTs carried a bloody woman in the stretcher through her direction. She can’t help but looked at the unlucky person, “Cherrie!” “Cherrie!” Vanny shrieked. She then found herself at the station. “You okay?” Elaine asked. “Yeah, I had a very bad dream…” She replied. “What do you mean?” “I dreamt that Mrs. Conway’s daughter died…thank God it’s not true…it was helluva dream!” She grinned at Elaine. But Elaine did not respond. “What’s wrong Elaine?” “Van, Cherrie actually died. You passed out after seeing her injured body.” “Huh? Tell me you’re kidding…” “I’m sorry but it’s true…” “Bb-ut – But I s-aw her…I saw her on my way out. She was – she was carrying a basket of apples.” She stammered. “She didn’t make it to the hospital…” “Oh my God!” “Witnesses say that she came running across the street, didn’t see the bus coming. Dead on the spot.” “Ohhh…” “She must have felt her mom passed on…” “Wh-at do y-ou mean?” “Mrs. Conway died this nine o’clock…she died in her sleep…” “How come? She buzzed in at ten o’clock. She asked me if I could help her go poo…” “That’s impossible…she died at nine o’clock.” Vanny felt her soul numbed. Maybe Mrs. Conway buzzed in to say her farewell because she didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to her daughter, and Cherrie didn’t thought she’s going to die at that instant – she was running to see her mother…but she was too late, unfortunately. “I hope they will meet again in heaven…” Vanny thought.

Postscript: This story was actually written in “Room 110” in one of the hospitals here in Bacolod City, hence the title.

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