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This is a collection of thoughts - Roads to somewhere..

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013



A Face is just a Face...Until some sort of artist brings it to life.

The Writer writes its' reality and creates its' personality.

The Painter paints the scene and provides a focus point.

Andthe Photographer - captures a glimpse of its' Life -

a picture of the many facets of its' reality - For all the world to share.


The Fires of Friendship...

A gentle spirit rises, quietly watching - as we are.

Perhaps, what you have seen in my eyes -

I have found in your smiles....

Kindling for the fires of Friendship.


A Hand Searches - Fingers wait.

Can you grasp time -with only the palm of your hand?

The leaves of a tree - flutter in the wind.

The wind moves each limb - grudgingly.

The sound...a whisper?

Who will notice...? Who will hear?

A whisper - a cry.... A whimper - a sigh...

A hand searches - its' fingers, wait.


**** Photographers are like Writers - Don't you see the similarities?

They Seek the beauty found in life..

Each - capturing a moment on share with others.

The Photographer captures the beauty in a Picture -

The Writer captures the beauty with a net of words - a piece of Prose.

Each has captured - a moment in time.... and made it Permanent and Timeless..



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