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More Thoughts - Left turns aren't wrong either.

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013




Mingled Thoughts


People talking in tiny whispers. Children playing in small groups.


And lonely - I am, sitting upon a nearby rock with the Monday Morning Blues.






Why are we here? What's the reason?


For what sort of purpose?


But nonetheless, why are we here? Why not there? Or over there?


Or for that thought.. Are we really anywhere at all? How can you be sure?




Life's Roads are well traveled


The road is long and I am tired.


I want to go home and feed the fire between the one whom I desire.




Thoughtless People are those...


Thoughtless people are those who are quick to say, "I care." However,


They seldom really dare to share.




Who is he?


So quiet and understanding.


Who is he?


Who wears a smile, worn thin after awhile.


Who is he?


I never asked, but I know.....


(1977) ______________________________________________________


I really don’t know where you’d be – if your soul was set totally free…




Tears shed in sorrow, often season the ground for new life.




An Entree for the Living


Wisdom – Sip silently from its’ cup – as if it was a sweet tasting wine.  


Life – Dine slowly – it’s a meal to be savored through the aging of time.






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