Loving Her was so Much Easier

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A Woman learns to love another woman

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




Loving Her is so Much Easier


I was beat up – loving men wasn’t easy for me.


I tried. But everything was a fight.


Then I stopped trying to love them.


I stopped trying to be something I’m not.


But I didn’t stop caring.


I didn’t stop loving.


I liked her laugh and she liked mine.


I told her – I love men, but they don’t love me. She hugged me.


Hugging her was so easy, so natural.


Liking her was easier.


We hang out – see stuff – talk about everything and anything.


She has always liked women.


There was no doubt for her.


Not me. I liked both.


She talks to me and we laugh at all kinds of things.


When we disagree – we don’t fight – we compromise.


When we sleep – arms and legs mingle – other parts tingle.


When we love – our limbs mingle –our minds meld - and our hearts touch.


I still like men – but loving this woman is so much easier.




Lady Jewells (Jan 2001)


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