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My name is not Jules, or Joules, or jewels; it’s Jewells.

Submitted: June 22, 2013

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Submitted: June 22, 2013



My name is not Jules, or Joules, or jewels; it’s Jewells. Don't take this the wrong way - Okay?As a retired School Teacher - I know it takes a person 30 seconds to create a bad habit, and 30 days to break that same bad habit.  So the purpose for this prose is well meant.


 My pen name is Lady Jewells and my nickname is Jewell(Jewells is spelled with 2-LLs) ... There's another famouse gal who uses Lady Jewels - but she makes jewelry. And though I make the fancy western beaded key-chains, my claim to fame are these gems (stories) I write.


Why 2 - LL's... Well, back in 1980, I worked as a bartender at a Non-Commissioned Officer’s (NCO) Club Bar in Germany (My 1st Husband was in the Air Force and we were stationed in Pruem Germany from 1979 -1982). The base Pruem - was a NATO communications installation about 5 kilometers off the Belgium border in an area called the Eifel, in Germany. The Eifel area was loaded with beautiful forests and mountains. An Ideal area for war games. Our base was the communications site and thus always involved in the Annual NATO War Games. Most of the time, at the close of a mission or at the end of the day, soldiers who had been a part of these games would stop in for a hot meal and cold libations. On any given day – you’d find soldiers from other American bases in Germany, as well as foreign soldiers from Germany, Britain, or Belgium hanging out at our bar.


My personal favorites were the (Brits) British soldiers. Those troops were always happy-go-lucky and notorious for pulling pranks on each other.  So, as a member of the bar staff - I always stayed on my guard during the war games. No one was safe from the multiple practical jokes being played - if the Brits were near you.


 In 1980, even though my birth name is Julie – nearly everyone in my life called me Jewels. To be different, I spelled my nickname with 2 -L's, partly because it was different [like me] and partly because I'm a Gemini - the symbol used for Gemini, is ll, but everyone else assumed my nickname was spelled with 1-L.  However, one fateful day - how I spelled my name would become crystal clear to darn near everyone, (on the base, at least).


 One afternoon one of our waitresses ordered a bunch of drinks. After I filled her order, because there were a lot of drinks in her order - I helped her carry a tray of Beers to a table of full of British Soldiers.  I see the soldiers and softly groaned. 1 of the guys at the table sees me and jumped up to help. I smiled, an uneasy smile. He helps Candy pass out the drinks. Before I can leave - he stops me. He draps his arm about my shoulders and clears his throat - signaling everyone to listen up. I rolled my eyes as I stood there. He proceeded to introduce me to the rest of his mates. Pointing to the waitress, he grins broadly “We know that lass is named, Candy; but this fine woman, is our ‘Family Jewels’!"


Without skipping a beat I retorted in the sternest most assertive tone I could muster, “Fuck-You!  I may have more balls than most women, my Dear - But I'm no DICK! * My name is Jewells, spelled with 2-LL's. I barked the spelling of my name loudly, drill Sargeant  style “JEW-E-L-L-S!"  With that 1 remark, the story of "JEWELLS" became legendary during the War Games of 1980, 1981, and even the war games of 1982.


Any time we had War Games; the British soldiers would always come, drink and laugh. In 1981, it was more of the same, but in addition to the Brit's, other foreign soldiers started showing up at our bar just to meet the infamous, "JeweLLs" ... In 1982, for some reason - some of Brits who regularly visited us, started calling me, 'Lady Jewells.' Yes, it was another joke, but it was done in the name of good fun. And if the Brits were a foot - Good FUN would be had by all. They made life memorable.

Sadly, my stardom ended at the close of the war games in 1982, when my husband rotated out to a new assignment, however the spelling of my nickname continued = My name is .....Jewells.  And my pen name is Lady Jewells.

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