Old One - Will You Let Us Feel the Wind?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

To me - the "gentle winds" are soothing and are caused by spirits running and playing. The Old One reigns over all.

My new friend GW gifted me a ticket to come stay the summer with him in Alaska (2014). GW learned a lot that summer. A lot more about the woman he knew to be Lady Jewells. The Old One - whom some refer to as God and I have a special relationship.
 GW and I, are both very spiritually liberated. And GW knew I walked this earthly plane as Living Spirit, before he sent me a ticket to visit him.


But what does "Walking as Living Spirit" mean? To me it means > I walk with the Holy Spirit and I have a close relationship with the Old One. GW learned just how close one day.  Every other day, all summer long GW took Lady Jewells on long walks through the forests of Anchorage. On warmer days, Lady Jewells would pray for the light winds to come.


I love to feel the wind on my skin. To me - the gentle winds are caused by spirits running and playing.


One day, GW chuckled when he overheard me praying to the Old One for wind. "Do you really think you control the weather, Lady Jewells?" I'd smile - "I don't, but let us see, GW. Maybe the Old one will bless us." So I prayed out loud and asked the Old One to let his Children play in the tall trees.


You can't even imagine - the Shock on GW's face - when the winds rustled those tall trees above us. I laughed harder, to see GW nearly jump out of his skin -when the winds swirled around - just us!!


That day, the wind escorted us all through the park. You could clearly see there was no swaying of the trees anywhere else, but near us. At the end of our walk - I just smiled at GW and then up at the Old One. I giggled with glee and shouted -"Thank You Old One, you blessed us well - by letting us enjoy your children, as they played among the tall trees!"

Submitted: May 05, 2015

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Style is good

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