Resource Teachers are Like Diamond Hunters

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Diamonds in the rough are uncut, unpolished jewels. And sometimes they are unpolished people, too.

Submitted: September 23, 2014

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Submitted: September 23, 2014



 Resource children are the Gifts of LOVE from the universe. I see gifted kids as jewels. Some jewels are seemingly born fully cut and polished. While others are not. Society has a way of sorting and polishing the rest of us, as we grow up. If you were lucky - you were discovered earlier and redirected towards success, while you were still in school. If not, you might end up in the cast-out pile - living like 2nd's, on the edges of humanity.


A lot of Resource kids are artists and rebels. They are visionaries and doers. However sadly, a lot of special education children end up in the Welfare pile or the Prison pile. Luckier ones, survive and thrive. They search out a better spiritul path and soon find their higher calling as they grow up.


I am a Gift of Love to the World. My gift is my Positive perspective and my knack at finding other diamonds in the Rough. Other earthy jewels, like myself.


I was a school teacher for 25 years. I worked with Gifted Kids as a Resource Teacher. I worked with higher functioning learning disabled children like myself. It is easy to spot someone else like yourself, the trick is getting you to recognize your gifts and then to get other people to see the beautiful diamond gift, you are. I am a trained expert in finding Gift's, like myself.


I am a Special Ed. kid. I was an identified early by teachers, and the other kids. I learned differently. I was an ugly tall kid - who was bullied for my looks. And I was bullied for my lack of skills, so I knew I was different. I couldn't read. I sucked at sports, and I was ugly. I was doomed or so I thought. My parents had high hopes. But other children are mean. Not all teachers are nice, either. You learn early - you don't fit. Only in the Special education classes do you fit. But special classes are outside the mainstream. I graduated out of High School with 3rd grade reading and writing skills! I was ugly kid and being learning diabled, I felt even uglier. So I ran away from home the minute I turned 18.


My saving's grace were Guardian Souls. These souls were life coach's I'd encounter as I grew up through Life. These people were sent from God, I swear. They would intersect with me and teach me little jewels of thought. Always they would comment that I was like a diamond in the rough.


As life intervened - I got homesick and I returned home. My home was full of educators and so I went back to the torture chamber of more school. Even with all of my learning disabilities, my father had pushed me to be a teacher. "How?"  How I was going to do that, I did not know. I struggled to do well in school and in life. To cope I skirted the edges of society. Everywhere, I went I found children like me. I had to find a way to help kids like me - It took awhile. It did.


My Goal was to become a teacher and intercept kids like me and remediate their basic skills in reading, writing, math, and behavior - they needed to stay in regular classes and fit. If you feel like you fit - you work hard to make sure others do well. I had to put them back into the mainstream. Everyone who fits in - survives. The luckier ones, who learn to love themselves - thrive!


I was the walking wounded - my confidence in myself was always under attack. But I made it..It took 10 years to graduate college in 1987. AND for more than 25 years - I have been intersecting with other gifted children like myself - and helping them learn to love themselves. Learning to love myself as a true gift to humanity is hard! B*E*L*I*E*V*E*


I taught in inner city schools and looked for the children of other social outcasts, like myself. I skirted the edges of life on weekends, too. Life is full of broken people trying to cope. The Rebels of society are often social outcasts, former criminals, and working class poor, but they are leaders and visionaries. The edges of society is where all the cast-outs go. That's where ALL the (older) diamonds in the rough are. Just waiting to be found and loved.


Showing love and trust in a community of outcasts multiplies the love you feel for yourself. Everyone heals with love.***** All of the universe's children were my spirit children. I am their Mother & their teacher. I am Lady Jewells, a writer and as I grow-up, I see myself as the Universe's daughter, a Guardian Soul .


I worked and I made a difference - I did. Many of my school parents & students reach out to me beyond school to thank me. We walk forward as friends. Our Children aren't just surviving - THEY ARE THRIVING!!!


I have retired from teaching school now, but true teachers and Mothers never really retire - Teachers, like miners are always looking for buried treasures..


Diamonds in the rough, are Gifts to the human race.  We are different, in that we challenge people to accept us for our differences.

****Gifts of Love are meant to impact life..**** 


I am a a Positive Beacon. I'll find you - or You'll find me.  We need to help others, like us, MAKE LIFE AWESOME 4 ALL OF US!


There are no accidental meetings - you know that. I am writing this story because the Universe needs you to understand your own value in this life. You need to understand you are a diamond in the rough... a Gift of LOVE!!!!!

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