The AMAZON Invasion has Started!

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Movies may be Fantasy - but they're real in the minds of children.

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



The Invasion has Started - Amazons are Here!

During 1983, I worked for KeeBee’s Toys & Hobbies at the Christown Mall location in Phoenix, Arizona. Back in those days some parent’s felt safe enough to send their kids in with a little money to buy something, while they shopped in nearby stores.


One day a little boy stopped by to browse. His dad left him and went to a store further down the mall. The little guy was looking all over at the toys. All the girls in our store were very tall and like natural mothers - we all came to see if the little guy needed any help finding something. Nancy - who stood about 5'10 spoke up first. The little boy looked up at her, his eyes grew wild-eyed and he stammered meekly, "Dddddad!"


He was backing away from Nancy when he backed-up into Keri - who stood just shy of 6 feet. The little guy reached back and felt Keri. He groaned in anguish and slowly turned around and then jumped back - as if shocked! He drew in a huge breath! His eyes were full of terror! He turned white as a sheet!


I had over heard the commotion and came to see what was up. Poor little guy fell right into my arms, as he tripped over his own foot. “Whoa little fella – what’s wrong?" I asked in a tender tone. As I helped him up, I stood up as well. I’m the tallest at 6 foot 2, but I was wearing heels – so I really stood about 6 foot 4 that day. Nancy had moved up closer and Keri was a little to her right. The little guy looked at both of them and then at me. He looked down at my feet and then slowly he looked all the way up at my eyes and gulped.


He flipped around and screeched, “DAD THEY’RE HERRREEEE” And promptly fled the store. Screaming loudly- "DAAADDDD they’re here!" Over and over down the mall corridor. Us girls all looked at one another and shrugged. I commented, "Yep we're here." and went back to stocking new toys. My manager heard the boy’s mad exodus and came to check it out. I explained to him what had happened and shrugged. We all hoped the boy would return with his Dad and clue us in.


About 15 minutes went by, and pretty soon - we all heard the young boy insisting his Dad come see his proof. My manager peeked around the store doors and relayed that he could see the young boy tugging on his Dad’s arm, trying to get him to come back to the store. All of us were standing behind the main counter when "Dad" came into view. Dad took a look at us and smiled. I think, Dad assumed that we all stood on a raised platform behind our check-stand. A lot of stores had raised platforms for their cashiers. Just by looking at Dad, I knew us girls, were all taller than Dad.


Dad was clearly embarrassed, his face was bright red. Dad chuckled and explained that he and his son had watched some B-flicks about Amazon Women invading Earth the night before. Off Course, Dad had assured his son there was no such thing as Amazons and there was no invasion. Dad tried to play it off, by asking us girls to step down from behind our counter and show his son – that we weren’t really all that tall.


I even put my heels back on - for sport. One by one, we walked over to where Dad was standing. Dad stood maybe 5 foot 2. Standing 6 foot 4, I towered 14 inches over Dad! Dad looked up at each of us. When he got to me, he smiled and swallowed nerviously. Then Dad turned to his son and said, “Ok – you were right. Amazons do exist. But look – they aren’t mean looking women. These Amazons' smile." We all looked over at the boy and smiled. Dad pointed at us and looked down at his son and said,  "See, these Amazons are just gentle giants that work in a toy store, son.” Everyone had a good laugh at that.

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