Their First Shared Ride

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Kindred spirits ride Harleys.

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012




Their First Ride



It’s been far too long for her – she can’t even remember her last ride. Therefore she’s eager to get back on the road. He on the other hand, rides all the time. The trip preparations are second nature to him, he could do everything blindfolded. The moment feels awkward – to her. It’s like trying to remember how to ride a horse, when the last animal you rode was a pony.  He smiles, as she walks all the way around his iron steed – as if somehow she’s sizing it up for a fight.



As he watches her – he sizes her up.  Ummm! She’s a beautiful woman.  She’s dressed for a comfortable ride and his instincts tell him, she’ll be comfortable to ride with. Her energy is positive and comforting. He’s been blessed to have found this energy with many women, but each woman is just a little different. And that’s true with this Lady. She storkes his inner heat. He loves her life energy, it’s warm and inviting. Riding with her will be exciting.  He can’t wait for their First Ride and a chance to feel her so close.



He has already ridden with her in his dreams. Each time is better than the last. Riding with a woman is such a wonderful feeling. Her legs embrace his own as he leans back into her. He knows, she’ll lean in close to him to share the warmth their bodies produce. He likes the cologne she wears. It’s not loud, like many women he’s met. Her scent doesn’t seek to over power his – instead it seems to blend. He knows his own scent - a combination of leather and cologne will rekindle her other memories of long rides on open roads and ignite her passion for riding once again. Their First Ride will be a beginning.



Astride his iron steed, he knows she’ll feel the vibrations from the engine; and he knows his skills at manipulating the throttle will further stroke her sexual energy. He knows from his own experiences – when you combine the engine’s vibrations with the rush of the wind – your spirit soars. He imagines the added warmth of his body contact will make her breasts and thighs tingle.  His own body tingles in anticipation of their First Ride.



There had been an instant connection felt, when she first contacted him.  Unknown, but known – He thinks they must be kindred spirits; because there’s an energy that links them.



They have much in common. Both of them have vivid dreams and share a love of words and positive energy. Both share their positive energy with others – as earthbound spiritual advisers.  Both share the love of riding iron steeds; he as pilot and she as navigator. Together, they’ll ride roads traveled and less traveled, eyes wide in wonderment at all the beauty they perceive.



He stands in a different place, but still their dreams are linked. They both hear the hum of the engine. Both feel the vibrations and the chill of the wind. Both feel the wind nip at exposed patches of skin. Both feel the inviting warmth. He feels her lean into him to feel more of him and to hide from the wind. Both feel the warmth of her body pressing close. Even through his vest, he can feel her breasts. 


Both feel and enjoy the feeling of her arms as they encircle his body. He pulls his arms in close to give her a body hug. A smile appears on his face, every time her hands explore his body. But he knows, as she strokes him she ignites her own passion. Her hands bring comfort as they massage tense riding muscles. They bring pleasure when her teasing fingers play his body like an instrument. Both enjoy hearing his pleasurable sighs.  And both giggle when he teases her, “You’re making it hard to concentrate on the road - woman!”


 In his mind, this anticipation may only be fantasy – but in their vivid dreams, both sit astride his iron steed and their First Ride becomes a breathtaking Reality!   




~ LADY JEWELLS (2012) ~


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