If tomorrow comes......

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This was an article written in June 2009 and here i am sitting satisfied with having at least one thing done.....having shown the courage to leave back a well paying job which i didn't want to continue doing.
The next thing is to get myself a copy writing job in a blessed ad agency. And that i strongly believe would be a product of sweat and luck. Sweating I am. Its hot out here :) There is sweat all around my PC. Phew :( Lady Luck, say cheese.
Note: In the article, I let the punctuations marks etc be the way as it was since thats how i like it.

“If tomorrow never comes..!” exclaims Ronan Keating.

It sure is a dreadful thought. I wish this tomorrow of mine does come....and comes for sure… So let’s not call it ‘tomorrow’ lest it remains as ‘tomorrow’ forever. Let’s call it a ‘Day’. So may the day come - a Day when I am doing some worth while interesting stuff in advertising Industry….I so obsessively iwish it comes soon.

I feel very stupid and so unlike me and very childish writing this, though with an innocent twinkle in my eyes I wish this comes true one day and comes true for good. You know what the worst part about wishing something is. It is the thought that the thing you are wishing for may not be the best thing for you. What if it does more harm than good? My current job has all the challenges required to keep me hooked on. But are they the challenges I want/ desire? Am I interested in my job just because there are some challenges every now and then; or am I genuinely interested in my profile, am I genuinely interested in the industry I am in???? Too many question marks ? To top it all there is another question, ‘Do I have to think about all this? Why can’t I just be happy with what I have?’ My job pays me decently. My HOD seems kind of pleased with my work. But should that stop me from looking out of the window and to see if there are any other offices where I can break my head and spend my late evenings staring at PCs so much so that they give me headache later on which I cure with the coffee from vending machine and an Anacin from the office medicine kit….phew………….Why should I continue to do this job when I know that there is something else which interests me much much more? I think it’s the Indian women mentality, which says learn to respect everyone around, learn to respect what you have got, be loyal to your spouse irrespective of what he does to you…. and like stuff. Like it seems difficult to change to a new boy friend /girl friend since we would dread what if the new one turns out to be as bad as the old one or god forbid, even worse. Accordingly, if I jump the Industry where is the surety that everything would be fine/great then onwards? If not better, it should not be worse.

Advertisements interest me - mainly TV commercials. Print media comes later on. Radio – not ever thought about it. Visual impact seems be of more interest to me. There could be some way, I get into this. Good Lord, help me, bless me. Let me not die with this unquenched thirst of not having worked in this sector when THIS IS what interests me the most. Let me get into this job and do well, and do really well. I surely think I would do a great job. Good pay and good work life balance….. wherein I am able to spend quality and quantity time with my kid, my hubby and do social service, sing Bhajans, visit parthi, serve my parents (especially Mom) and in laws. Swami, Bless Me. I am eagerly waiting for this Day. It will come. Somehow, it will.

Samastha loka sukhino bhavanthu!

Submitted: April 25, 2011

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Nice article :D you're so brave to leave the job that you didn't like and follow your desire

Mon, April 25th, 2011 1:50pm


Thanks:) Courage, it sure is. But couldn't have done it without few pillars by my side. I would love to see these guys happy and proud for what they did. ...The guilt of not having tried is something i dont wish to carry. God Bless:)

Mon, April 25th, 2011 10:42pm

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