Rain, my Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rain is mesmerizing. I am under a spell. Every monsoon, i turn into a peacock dancing and singing, mad with pure ecstasy.I am indebted to Rain and consider it my duty and fortune to pay a tribute to the heavenly showers. Rain, my love, this is for you....


O Rain, the clouds are here, why are you not around

8 months a year, I wait for thee to come down


When you are gone, my love; the blue sky mocks at me

The sun burns my skin; scorches the lake and tree


The dry road and I, share our pains, as we walk

Longing hearts whine when you come up in the talk


The wait is killing, dear, daggers wring the soul

At least give a sign, I can no longer control


At last, when the dark clouds, come and crowd the sky

I dash out to hug my sweetheart, and bade summer good bye


The smell of your arrival, the trumpets of home coming

Makes me go crazy, tender heart goes ding ding  


I look up with thirsty eyes for you to fall on me

I open my arms up to you and go down on my knee


And then you drench me wet and cold, wash away my pain

I feel new and pure all over, I feel like I’m born again


I missed you real bad, but never wept for you

For I knew you would come, gushing down from the blue


Now that you are here, let’s go down for a long walk

Holding hands, locking lips, lets roam till 11’oclock


Lemme sink into deep blue eyes, and soak in the charm

Lest four months rush by and you push away my arm


Leaving me here, again, all alone and dry

And taking a word along that I’d never cry


My dear, remember, I will be waiting for you

With soggy eyes, for my love true


Don’t you ever dare fall for some other girl

 Come back home on time, bring me diamond and pearl


And say if you forget me and never come back

I shall not cry an ocean, but come, give you a whack


You are mine and mine alone; I am the flesh, you are the bone

You are the man, I’m cologne; Soul mates since time unknown


And then again, I wait, for misty clouds to grace the earth

To hug him, feel him, kiss him; but the wait is always worth


Submitted: July 15, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Lady Jisha. All rights reserved.

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