Where Our Minds Go

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I dreamt this....
And it scared the living shit out of me.

Submitted: May 11, 2010

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Submitted: May 11, 2010



I woke up in a building.

My eyes stung from all the light, and my nose stung with anesthetic.

I sat up pretty slow, and quickly realized by the blank walls and cheap, florescent lights I was in a hospital. Iwas wearing my regular clothes, and as I stood curiousity grew in me. I wanted to know why I was here. I was fine, wasn't I? And why had I woke up in a hall?

This is a dream, Ithought. And because I hate hospitals, I started banging my head against the walls.

"Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up! Come on Jess! Wake the hell up!" But I didn't. Not at all. If anything I felt more aware and awake then ever.

So I wandered around, trying to find my way. But the more I explored, the more scared I became.

No one was here. Not a soul. There was absolutely nothing. Just.... Objects. I couldn't find anyone. Why?



That's when a bone chilling scream echoed down the dead halls. Bone chilling didn't even cover it. I actually felt like my blood had turned to ice. It was disturbing, she sounded like she was in the worst agony.

I ran down the halls, trying to locate the source of the scream. But I just couldn't find it. It was everywhere.... All around me. Like the walls had screamed at me.

Finally I found the check in desk, then the screams stopped.

There was no one waiting for assistance. No nurses. No Doctors. No receptionest, so I went on. I even tried the elevator, even though it scared me half to death to even have the chance I might die in this enclosed space.

After the elevator I tried looking out the blind covered windows, for anybody, but it was black. Nothing. There was nothing but black. A never ending darkness. I broke into a cold sweat, and my breathing went funny. This was impossible.... Impossible.... Of god this couldn't be! In an attempt to pretend this was all just some hallucination, I pulled the blind back down, but the little bit of ease I had before didn't come back.

But I kept walking around in hope of a way out, when I heard bangs from different rooms with little windows and and no colors. I peeked into the first one, and a man, balding on the crown of his head, stood by a barred window, staring into nothing likeI had, but...There was something different about this man. Then I realized he was in here for his head being in a twist. He was looney bin, mental, crazy.

I went to the next door. A woman was rocking back in forth in distress. Iranto the next one, a young girl, maybe six, was sitting front of a T.V stuck on the static channel. She just sat, unmoving.

She must have heard me, because her small blonde head turned around to seeme. Half her face was burned,wrinkled and scarred from some accident. One ofher eyes were scarred shut, the other grey-blue. She was completely blind. But then I noticed she was crying. Sobbing silently was even a better description.

But her suddenly sorrowful expression changed intoinfuriation, and she sprung from her spot on the floor at the door, and started banging on the door, attempting to claw through the glass.

I flew backwards into another door, and when Iturned my face tosee the little window, a large, buggy eyed man was looking at me with....An undescribable wildness. I screamed, but not in agony. In fear.

That's when I took off down the hall, listening to people crying, sobbing, yelling, screaming, shouting, cussing, growling, I could hear all of them banging on their doors desperate for freedom.

There bangs followed me down to the receptionest desk, and when I picked the phone up, I dialed 911.

"Hello,"a very feminine voice. "You have reached the operating service. How may I help you?"

911. I had dialed 911. Whythe hell was I talking to someoperator? "I need help! I'm at a hospital. I don't know how I got here, but I need out," I told her.

"What's your name?" Her calm tone only aggravated my distress, and I had half a mind to hang up, but I clung to the phone. That's when I noticed the bangs had stopped.

"J-JessicaW-Wi-Williams," I was practically shaking.

"Yes..." I heard the clacking of keys. I went over the desk and sat in the receptionest'schair. "Yes, your supposed to be on floor 7, room 897," she said sweetly.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"If I typed your name correctly, your room number is 897, located on the7th floor," she repeated.

"No, you don't understand, I don't belong here! I don't even know howIgot here, wherever the hell here is!"

The woman laughed. "Of course you do. Your mind no longer needs you. Your insanity has completely taken over. There's no room, so you've been moved here," she told me.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! I don't understand-"

"Ma'am, listen," she said, I did. I shut up. I needed to get this. I didn't even think Iwas hearing her right. "Almost every person is born sane, but if insanity develops, their sanity is sent here. There's just no room for people to have both. If by chance a person truly does recover," the way she said the word, she emphasized it in a way I felt weaker. Thathas left you suicidal, sadistic, and having type 5 hallucinations. Besides that your mind has completely reverted from the bright young lady you used to be, into a mentally unstable, violent, monster," she informed me.

"No..." I barely choked out. The words had forced my heart to drop into my stomach. "You... You cannot be right. You can't! Ican't have lost my mind! I'm just dreaming! You're wrong!" I bellowed over the phone.

"Am I?" She asked.

The computer suddenly flicked on, and I saw myself.

The me on the screenwas in hospital scrubs, and was in a bed, in a padded room, being restrained by severel hospital workers while one tried to put some drug into my arm.

I was screaming, like... God there was nothing to describe this. I was screaming about something in the shadows coming to get me.


I couldn't take watching this. Then I hit the screen with a swift movement of my fist.

The screen shattered into a million little shards across the desk and floor. I was kinda of surprised I wasn't bleeding. Shouldn't Ihave been bleeding?

But then, from the left hall I heard footsteps.

I looked over. One of the patients I hadn't seen, whom was obviously lacking sanity, was walking towards the doors.

He smiled at me, like he was eager, expectant, and ready to wreak havec as he returned to where ever his body was.

But as the doors opened, Iran to follow him.

My heart was racing, I had to get out! I had to get out!

But as I put a toe over the newly-appeared doors, Ifelt a sudden shock wave over my body, and I didn't wake up for a long time.

My eyes opened slowly, and I felt tight restraints on my ankles and wrists. And why was it breezy?

I looked down, and saw my clothes had been removed and replaced for hospital scrubs. Then I noticed the thick leather bands holding me to the bed.

I squirmed and wiggled and shook the bands as much as I could, then I lost it.

I screamed out threats and my pleads at the top of my lungs, and didn't stop even as despair and loneliness made my fear an appatizer.

But no one heard, no one came, and I didn't know what was to become of me now.

As my throat felt raw from screaming, I stopped, only to have tears rip down my cheeks. I wanted out so bad. I just wanted to go home.

I wanted out of this goddamn hopsital. I wanted to talk to somebody!

But I knew my wishes would probably never be filled.

I felt hallow, like a shell there was nothing left in me. I was tired already, and I didn't care what happened now.

I stopped moving, I let my tense muscles loosen, and just stared at the stained tiles above my head.

I knew I looked dead.

But I felt worse inside.

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