Why Is...

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A poem about why shit happens....

Submitted: May 06, 2010

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Submitted: May 06, 2010



Why is...

I'm so hungry I'm in pain

And the water I drink is brown with dirt

My older brother looks after me because my parents are gone

Why do I have to work for pennies a day?

Little child it is because your country is poor

Little child the water you drink is like poisen

Killing from the inside

You work everyday because it's all you can do

I feel dirty, unworthy of life

I do things most sixteen year olds make faces at

I work for big cash, one night stand

How did I get into this?

Young girl you must feel trapped

No one shows you love or care

How did you get into this?

No one gives a damn

I've got bruises here

And I've aches and pains there

Why does Daddy hit me?

I try and make him happy

Young girl how bad are the bruises?

Probably not as bad as the one in your heart

You don't understand why he hates you

He'll never be content with you

Why is the world so cruel?

Why are children in pain?

In they're hearts and souls

They lack basic love.

Go ahead and turn and look the other way

Pretend you don't see they're internal agony

Pretend you can't help

Why is it no one bothers to ask?

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