Tales of a Shattered Soul

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This is one of my favorite self written poems.

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012



Inside a blackened coffin, lay a little girl named Vile. Smothered in her blood but breathing all the while.

Tightly laced up in her red and black corset,
She dreamed of winged bats (such as the ones she had for pets).

She tugged at her restraints, thinking thoughts of pure despair, Until suddenly she realized she was breathing in fresh air.

Weak from all the struggle and sore from the tight rope,
Vile wondered who had saved her. "My dear mother", she had hoped...

That little girl decided she was safe and so she napped,
Only to wake up to chains that wouldn't snap.

Vile tried to scream but nothing would come out.
Gagged and bound she stayed until she heard her captor shout.

She tried to look and see who would commit this horrid crime, Squinting across the room, past all the soot and grime.

Standing beyond her, in a long and silky dress,
Was Vile herself (she soon after confessed).

Not comprehending what was happening or what to do in this case,
Vile let herself be held in her own embrace.

"I did this to myself?", she asked, "But why on earth would I?". Her answer came to her and she awoke in frightened cries.

Around her were her belongings; a dresser, a mirror and clock. The dream she'd just dreamt had left her in intense shock.

Vile tried to calm herself when she heard a door creak, nearby. She hid under her blankets and you'll soon know why.

A slight tap on her door, followed by footsteps to her bed...
"I guess I deserve this", was the thought inside her head.

Her step dad stood before her, he thought she was asleep, Then crawled into her bed, removing the black sheet.

The light from a nearby lamp post shone lightly upon her face, And so he saw a tear roll down her cheek and called her a disgrace.

He placed his large hand over her mouth and made her promise not to scream.
She nodded on the outside but secretly wished this was a dream.

Unfortunately it wasn't, and she was actually in that bed.
This was her true nightmare, not just a story in her head.

It was times like these that made her think, "I wish that dream had been real.
That way I could escape all of this tragic pain I feel".

He'd made her believe that what he was doing wasn't wrong,
But deep down inside of her she knew the truth all along.

When it was finally over and he'd left her room for good,
Vile decided she'd had enough and did as she knew she should.

She climbed out of her window, in her white cotton PJs,
And then walked past a cemetery where her body currently

That night poor Vile committed suicide, to escape her life of pain.
She jumped right off a nearby bridge and it was quite a shame.

Perhaps it was a coincidence or maybe she triggered this action,
But the next day Vile's mother had an incredible reaction.

She announced to the police that her husband had hurt Vile, And she'd known for 3 months, which was quite a long while.

The evil man was then arrested and charged with several accounts of rape.
He was put in a facility from which he can not escape.

For Vile's torn up mother things would never be right again,
So she sat in her room with some paper and a pen.

The woman wrote down all her feelings, and then put the note on her nightstand.
She drew herself a bath, with a butcher knife in one hand.

Once the bath was almost full she took a moment to think,
Then stepped into the tub and grabbed the knife from the sink.

She took one deep breath and held the knife up in the air, Proceeded to slit her throat (about the pain she did not care).

The woman died almost instantly and was found later that day, What was in the letter I'm just about to say.

"To the person who will find me, lifeless and ashamed...
I'm sorry that you're subjected to an act so deranged.
In case you may be wondering what led me to this and why, Just look into my daughter's room... You'll probably want to cry.

After she passed away I found a book with all her thoughts. One page marked my soul and tied my stomach into knots.

It said, ‘She definitely knows what's happening and I know one day she'll save me’,
But I didn't help her, I let him hurt my baby.

If only I had told the police sooner, my dear Vile would be alive.
We could be happy together and for life we would both strive.

Instead my baby girl is dead under a tomb.
She didn't deserve any of this, her life ended too soon.

For that I give my life, so one day she might see,
Her mother cared for her and loved her dearly."

That family was broken and truly not meant to be,
But now in heaven, up above, lives a reborn family.

A little girl named Vile and her mother dressed in gold,
Live happily ever after... That's how the story's told.

© Copyright 2018 Lady Laced. All rights reserved.

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