My sister Elinor

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The year is 1940. Young Adam's family had been torn apart, when his sister, Elinor, had made the mistake of going back to their home town in Germany. They had no knowledge of the concentration camps or the major racism of Germany, so she went. When Elinor never came home, everyone began to worry but had done nothing. Now it is up to Adam to find his sister and bring her home safely... Regardless if he dies or not.

Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



The year is 1940.

One summer morning, my mother called my sister Elinor and I down to breakfast. Then as we ate some pancakes and eggs, my father read us a letter.

Dear Family,

How is Life in the Americas? Here in Germany, Your beloved Grandmother and I had finally opened our own bakery after such a long wait. Your grandmother is such an excellent cook, as you well remember. We're Glad that finally, we are retired and we could do something we've always wanted:to bake.

Just know that we love you all and we will soon be joining you all in the America;s. But until Adolf Hitler fixes the economy crisis, we will be there soon enough.

Hail Hitler!
- Grandfather, 1935.

My father had read us this letter everyday since it first came in the mailbox,it was the last letter we've ever received from Grandfather. I watched father smile, folding the letter back within the brown envelope neatly. Then he picked up his daily newspaper and began reading.

"Adam, eat your breakfast." I jumped and then looked at my sister as she sat next to me.

Elinor was a year older then I was. She had these beautiful chocolate brown eyes with creamy ivory skin that was flawless and she had this very long brown curly hair and she was just perfect. Elinor was my adopted sister.

I saw her big grin as she flipped her hair behind her shoulder and said "Mother. Father. I'm going to Germany to help Grandfather and Grandmother." My parents looked up in shock. "I'm 18..and I need a job..."

My mother said nothing, but lowered her head and ate but my father peeked at her on the side of the newspaper and said "You will do such thing... Germany is in a war." Elinor rolled her eyes and bit into her pancake."Only a certain part of Germany, Father. The shop is somewhere in the country.".

"Elinor, listen to your father.." My mother snapped.

"Plus, grandma and grandfather are like 90 years old! They can't bake on their own!"

"That's enough!" My father yelled. Elinor stood up and ran out the room

"You're so selfish!"

My father looked down as my mother covered her face within her palm. "Why can't she go?" I asked "I mean..we could use the extra income...." My mother dropped her spoon onto the plateand tried keeping herself from yelling at me. "Adam..." She held in her breath. "Go and cheer her up, why don't you. Your father and I have to talk about this..."

As I left the kitchen, my mother and father began speaking Jewish,and arguing but I couldn't understand what they were saying,English was always been the language I knew.

I already knew where Elinor was: swinging on the tire swing that overlooked the lake. As i approached her, a stick broke and she assumed it was me. "I want to go, Adam. I miss Our home..."

I was born in Germany but was raised here in America. I don't remember that much about my home country.

"I know." I walked closer "Ma and Pa are talking about it right now..." She whipped her chocolate brown eyes and looked back at me.

"What ever makes you happy. Just be sure to send me letters and such." I smiled as she nodded and leaned her head against the rope that kept the swing up. "If i go..."

"Elinor! Adam! Come on in now!" My father called to us.

After 3 hours of arguing, they all came to an agreement.

"Fine. You could go." Her face lifted up. "But your going for 3 months only. " My sister jumped up. "You hear me? 3 months. And if the town gets to bad in the war, you Missy are to come straight home!" My father said. "When you arrive, you are to listen to your grandmother and grandfather...""Thank you! " My sister jumped up screaming and ran out the door. "I must tell Anna!", her best friend.

My mother didn't want her to go, but father already made up his mind, what ever to help the family.

"Stanley, What have you done?" My mother whispered slowly.

"Anita, she is an adult. If we wouldn't let her go, she will grow to hate us. And she will be able to leave and never come back... Trust me on this one, my love."

My mother looked down and sighed. "What a stupid request... If she goes, She'll die!" In the middle of her sentence she learned that I was still in the room, and broke out in Jewish. Then Father yelled at her louder and she lifted her hands, surrendering, and running into the next room. Father glanced at me, shook his head and read is newspaper as he sat down in his recliner.

The next day, we took Elinor to the train station. She was to take the train to the boat and sail to Africa, where she would take another train to Germany. Mom and Dad smothered her in hugs and kisses until finally she pushed them away. "I'm going to miss my train!" She smiled, grabbed onto her bag and ran on the train. As soon as she was settled in, she looked threw the window. "BYE MOM, DAD and Adam! I LOVE YOU!"We all waved and she had looked at me with a smile, assuring us that she was happy, excited and full of life...A smile that we would never again see...

3 months later...

Today was the day Elinor was suppose to come home. Anna had joined us to go pick up my sister at the train station and we waited an hour. Our hearts pounded as it finally came, hoping to see her run up to us and give us great big hugs... But she never did...

My mother ran over to the train conductor and asked him if there was an Elinor Carmichael but he said that there was no such person that boarded the train that day.

"Maybe, she forgot today was the day to come home..." Anna sighed. "Hm...We'll come back tomorrow."

We came back for days, weeks, months...still no sign of my sister. We began to get worried and sent countless letters to my grandparent's shop, but never did we get a replay...

Elinor had been missing for a year...


The year is 1941.

December 7th was my 18th birthday. This was suppose to be a glorious day for me...but then the Japanese Kamikaze bombed Pear Harbor. The following day, I listed in the Army and was being recruited. Of course, My father and mother disagreed because since Elinor's disappearance, They've been very strict on me. But I had one very good reason :To bring Elinor home alive. Even if i died trying. I'm tired of my mother's depression and her constant bickering; " You should have listened to me! If we wouldn't had let her go, she wouldn't have died!"

"We Don't know that! She could still be alive!" Yelled my father. My mother would always stand up in my father's face and yell: "Yes I do! If she was alive, she would have sent us a letter of some kind! I need proof!" Father would always leave, and my mother would always lock her self within their bedroom.

I was tired of all this fighting...

Every since my sister disappeared , my family had been split apart. Anna ended up marring my cousin Jon and they both moved to Oklahoma to be missionaries to the Native Americans. Me? I stayed out of their failing marriage and I realized that none will go to Germany to find her..except an American Soldier. That night, I left, leaving only my bed, dresser and naughty magazines that I hid somewhere hidden in my closet. On the Dresser I left a note a note to my parents. I didn't really know what to say to them since this past year had been rough on us. But I figured I'll keep it simple:

"I'll be back. I promise.

It was a few simple words, that didn't really answer any questions like where I went, when I'll be back, etc.Then I grabbed my grandfather's letter and the Star of David and left.
I traveled to a small townand for a few short weeks, we trained. Training in fields was surprising easy for me. All we had to do was learn how to run really fast, throw grenades and shoot and reload guns. That's about it. Then when training was over, we bored a ship and sailed along the Atlantic.

The room I was bunked in had 3 other men occupying it. I walked in and climbed on the extra bunk and laid down thinking about my sister. The guy on the bunk opposite of me was sitting and writing a letter to someone. He looked at me and smiled. "Oh, Fresh meat." He laughed, sat the paper down, leaned forward and held out his fat hand. "The name's BO." I shook his hand and the guy on the bunk above his nodded his head and said "Nick."And then I looked at the man above mine. I know this man...

"Hey Adam."

"Hi Jon. Why aren't you in Oklahoma with Anna?" He laughed and laid back onto his pillow. "'Cause I'm an American."Nick and BO looked at me, then looked down frowning. "and I'll Die to protect my freedom..." "And to avenge all those innocent lives that were lost at Pearl Harbor. I swear I'll kill every last kamikaze I find..."

"My wife and children died there..."sighed Nick. "So why are u going there?" BO asked me. " My sister Elinor went to Germany about a year ago. She never came home. So, every night before I go to bed, I pray that she was alive, even though my parents don't think she's alive..well My,Mother doesn' father and I still have hope."

For a year or so, BO had been teaching me how to speak German and he and Nick became our best friends and all this time... we've searched for Elinor. The Germans refused to talk. with excusesthat they have no idea what I'm talking about.

I tried to restrain myself from killing someone as we all walked down the street and then boy run across the street and looked directly to me. He pointed to me said "Filthy Jew!" It took a moment to compered what this small 6 year old boy was calling me then he said those foul words again... "Filthy Jew!"I blinked and then the small German boy pointed at my Star of David. Those words hit me like a slap of the face.He giggled and ran inside his house laughing.Jon looked away as Nick and Bo placed their hands on my shoulder and said "Don't let words get to you, Besides, you two are Americans now. Those words shouldn't matter. "

Every building that we passed, there was a lot of German propaganda, urging every German male to join the armed forces. We had those in America too, but not like this...I then grabbed my necklace and hid hit within my shirt and said "We gotta find her before we go back... I wont leave without my sister... " A sudden thought hit me...what of my grandfather's letter? The address on the letter should give me some sort of clue to where she could be. I had forgotten I had it...

But I was wrong...

The address lead us to an abandoned and burned bakery. It stood caved in and rotting. "Oh no..."whispered Jon. As we stood there, trying to endure that this had happened, a little girl came tugging onto my arm. "No one lives there." She sighed. "They did once a year ago but...the two owners of the shop were killed by the men with guns...and a Lady was taken by those same men. " "Do you know where they took her?" She looked down and pointed to the hill that was a few miles away from the town, at something that looked like a farm.

As we got closer, we began smelling something that almostburned out nose hairs. I think the stench was burning leash, something that a slaughter house would smell like. We loaded the guns with bullets and covered our mouths as we got closer. I was about to pass out, the smell of flesh burning, mold and the obvious smell of urine over consumed me.

We finally reached the place. It was a camp, with people who wear striped pajamas, but they were forced to stay by the German soldiers... Nick suggested that Bo and I would go into the camp, disguise ourselves as these German shoulders, saying that we were Hitler's messengers and that We needed to bring her to him to be his personal cook. But when we went in, they said no such person was there. That she has been missing from the camp for 3 weeks...and with that we left.

Back at town, we carefully went in the bakery and herd scratching and moving underneaththe wet, decaying and hollow floor.We all looked, and saw a woman, with sad, broken eyes. She looked as if she had lost 50 pounds and she had almost no hair and then.... i found that this girl...was my sister.


"Yes, Elinor... I'm here..."

To be continued...

Authors note:

I'm sorry for how bad it skips over time so much. It's because I had so little time to do it, I only had less then five days so there was no time to extend it longer and go back and add more detail to Please forgive me.

For Mr. Morgan.

© Copyright 2018 Lady Midnight . All rights reserved.

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