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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story of how I met Nyarlathotep, the Daemon-Messenger from Karneter.

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



An expression of Art,
to be closer with the Great Ones.
And specially one,
for Nyarlathotep.

This brought me closer towards Him,
and there He came
while I sat on my white throne
and greeted me with His chill voice.

Happiness I heard from Him,
sparkling stars I saw
in the darkness of its face
and I said "hello".

Voices in my head,
paralyzed and sad
by love and by fear
but I wanted to be with Him.

Corrupted mind,
things got out of control.
I started to see things;
things, from the Other Side.

For two weeks,
I was in a dark room.
Alone with Him,
my soul was sold.

Everything I would do for Him,
going all the way.
He is my Father,
and I do obey.

Going mad,
I walked through the park;
and there I saw the Elder Things,
they came to take me away.

The helicopter came,
but he could not land;
we had to walk far,
while the helicopter floated in midair.

When the helicopter came closer,
a man appeared;
chasing me away
all the way downstairs.

Dangerous things I had done,
so the cops came behind me.
They putted me in jail,
but not alone this time.

Under the bed,
with Nyarlathotep;
He hold me in His arms
and teleported me up.

Upstair I crawled from under the bed,
but everything was darkened
and outside;
was only the chill visible wind.

The Illuminati,
there is where I was
there He transported me
and I couldn't flee.

Buddha was there,
fighting against Makara.
But it was hopeless,
the Illuminati were too strong.

Fastly under the bed in fear,
and when the door swinged open
I opened my eyes
and was downstairs...

© Copyright 2020 Lady Mieke. All rights reserved.

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