2009 - The Dark Murders

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A poem about a dream I had.

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



We lived in a group,
in our common home.
It went all quite good,
till the day of evil came.

Four people being slain,
in their own rooms; in cold vain;
someone of us had committed this murders,
but nobody accused anyone.

I said we had to go away,
'cause the cops would be here soon.
But nobody listened,
and kept standing there;
signing their own doom.

The cops came by, driving by;
but they would go round;
is what I said.
We walked to the back; indeed,
the cops arrived and stopped about.

Fastly we ran outside,
we, in total four.
But the cops enclosed them,
and they were being arrested.

I ran fast, on and on,
till I reached the squad.
I was fast, on my rollerskates;
from the cops, which I outran.

But who had slain those people?
Maybe it was me, myself.
The cops weren't behind me no more,
for once in my life I was this: free!

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