Wrote this whilst I had writers block. It is quite disjointed too =/ and well pretty crap for my liking, but I'll post anyway =/

Theres Something in the water,
Because I just don't understand.
Feel as though I'm falling,
With nowhere else to land,
And every step I seem to take,
Turns into a dare.
Turns unfair,
With disrepair.
Light bounces off the ground,
It blinds my eyes,
Shows my disguise
And all my lies,
My ugly lies.
It's a weird world,
And I feel terrified,
hide in safe places,
Away from ugly faces
And empty spaces.
Screaming for assistance
And they look right through me,
They can't see me,
They can't see me at all.
These words will be my last,
Remain in my past,
And fading fast.
It's an Ugly world,
so take my hand,
and we'll escape.
escape this land
Because we don't understand.

Submitted: November 22, 2010

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