Reel Review: The Lorax

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A movie review of the hit animation, The Loeax

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



Two timelines were intertwined by the meeting of two characters. One brought a story of losing something, while the other, of finding that something back.

I have excited myself long enough to see The Lorax. Aside from seeing its face in every MRT station I alight at and watching its trailer, just the thought of allowing myself to be a kid again and be entertained by colorful creatures is enough to keep me on my toes for the film. And hey, it's on 3D! Who wouldn't get excited?

Every time I watch a movie, I'd like to see it through three things: the story itself, the characters and the after-feel.

First thing I did was to separate the fact that it was a book adaptation. As not to raise expectations and assumptions on my side, I had to forget that it was Dr. Seuss' writing put to life. I was hardly successful in doing so, but I came around. The story was straightforward and light. It was that of a boy, Ted, who searched for a tree, in a made up world without it, to impress the girl of his dreams, Audrey. It also told of the story of the ambitious young man who was corrupted by greed and the insatiable hunger for his family's approval and his peculiar relationship with the original force of nature - The Lorax, himself. The songs and dances made watching it delightful. The story was fluid but at times would lack cohesion. The build up was there, but fall short of a climax. I would admit I was almost brought to tears, but the sequence was just too short to dampen my tearducts.

The protagonist, Ted, was very much familiar. Dorky guy who fell in love with the cool girl and changes the world. The anatagonists, however, were just not bad enough, that I'd still find them endearing. The animals featured were very much personified that they actually reminded me of certain persons I know. The antics were effortlessly funny that I'd still laugh by myself when I remember them. Baby Man. (Chuckles)

Watching the movie was like a face lift in progress for I was smiling the whole time. I would be bothered from time to time from sliding 3D glasses back up for they slip down whenever I laugh too much. (They seriously should have 3D goggles for the \"physically challenged\"). The story, though not as flawless as Wall-E, or Toy Story 3, was warm and uncomplicated. When all the trees were cut down, The Lorax left. When one tree was planted, he returned. No fighting. Dead simple.

For me, the most important part is the after feel. It resolves the purpose of watching the movie in the first place. After The Lorax, I was not convinced to be an Audry and paint walls and make a great nice guy fall for me and give me the world. I simply wanted to be like the Once-ler, play the guitar again and be a self proclaimed rocksuperstar. I was not moved to join an environmental organization. But I badly wanted to get myself a seed for planting and growing. I was also not compelled to run after the bad men who shelter people from the truth, creating a world of make believe, to their advantage. But I was coerced to write again. To paint pictures. To tell stories. To play with words. And to someday have a story that cuts across generations, delighting kids of all ages, and be worth pondering upon by a crazy movie goer like myself. o_O

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