I'm Not Your Keeper

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Dedicated to my ex-boyfriend. You chose the bottle over me. Now you must live with the decision. Also dedicated to those who's relationships have been ruined by drinking.

Submitted: September 02, 2009

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Submitted: September 02, 2009



How can you blame your hurt on me?

All the pain you feel?

How can you express the words and continue to spin the wheel?

I held out my hand.

Tried to make you strong.

But when I left, you weren't healing all along.

When did I become your keeper?

I don't want to keep you in check!

Why do you say these things,

that night after night make my pillow wet?

I offered you a smile, and tried to ease your pain.

What happened to that man,

the one I kissed in the rain?

Why would you give up?

Let go of the progress you made?

Why would you pick up the drink?

Then let my memory fade?

Now I'm the one on the floor.

Feeling more alone every day.

And with each bottle,

I'm starting to slip away.

It's your life,

Live it how you feel.

But I'm gone now and honey,

Some wounds you just can't heal.

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