Moonlight Mascarade

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This is for Zombie G's Halloween contest. Vampires hold a special place in my heart so enjoy!

Submitted: September 15, 2009

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Submitted: September 15, 2009



I never thought it would come to this, me running for my life in this forest. How could I have known? My foot catches a root and I fall painfully. There isn't time to think about the pain, I have to keep moving. My knees are torn and my palms are bleeding, this is bad. He can smell the blood, he'll be able to track me so much quicker. I won't be able to out run him, I need to hide.

"Rachel! Rachel!" he calls as I climb into the hallow of a tree and hide. My heart beats wildly as I try to keep my breathing quiet while he passes by. It's not until I hear his footsteps get further away that I break into tears, "Oh Chris, I'm so sorry." I sob to myself until suddenly he breaks the tree above me and life flashes before my eyes.

"Hey Rachel. Wanna hear something spooky?" Jake asks as I lean back on the couch. He smiles his impish grin I loved so much as I shrug, "Sure. What's up?" Jake sits up excited, like a kid at show and tell. He smiles and whispers, "I heard that there is this creepy old guy that hides out in the cemetary. They say that he comes out when the sun sets and if you get too close to his um...what is it called?"

"What?" I asked as he struggled to explain, "You know, it's like a grave, but bigger. More expensive...."

"A mausoleum?" Chris asked as he snapped his fingers, "Yeah! That's it! If you stand on the mausoleum with the stone rose on it he like, bites you or something. And if you get bit, you go like...what are they called? Vampire, that's it! You turn into a vampire!"

"No way." Jenny says as she starts braiding my hair. Jake straightens up, "It's true! And Halloween is coming up! It's perfect timing." We look at him and smirk as he turns to Chris for back up, "Come on Chris, what do you say? Since the girly girls are too scared to go." I look over Chris who peeks up from his book, "I don't know...."

"Please man? I'm tired of the old Halloween kid stuff. This is some actual scary dealings dude!" Chris rolls his eyes, "Ok, if it will shut you up, I'll come." Jake puts up his arms, "Yes! Finally, some scary crap. What now girls? It won't be as fun without you. Chris man and I will keep you safe." I shrug and look to Jenny. She finishes my braid and whispers, "We should go. This will be fun and then the boys will feel all protective and cool if we act scared." I smile and whisper back, "I don't know, maybe it really is some crazy old homeless guy. Do you really want to get close to that."

She shrugged and giggled, "It's probably nothing, but still, we should go. It'll be fun and then you can have some alone time with Chris while I get Jake. Deal?" I sigh and look to the boys who are waiting patiently, "Ok, we're in." Jake lets out a "whoo hoo!" but my main attention is to Chris who smiles shyly and hides back in his book. All four of us have been friends since freshman year, but it wasn't until our senior year that I started to notice how cute Chris was. His shy little ways made me smile and I knew that he liked me, but we never had time alone together since Jake was always at his side. This would be perfect!

That night, we went to the cemetary and hopped over the tall, ironfence. Jake walked by Jenny and tickled her as we went past the tombstones. Chris and I stayed back enjoying the moonlight. We were more the quiet ones of the group while Jenny and Jake were more adventurous. We laughed and shushed each other as Jake stood on the mausoleum in an explorer stance. He cleared his throat, "Now, we are about to enter a world of danger and suspence. The legend says if we stand here, he will come out. Come on out crazy guy!"

We giggled and he jumped off as Jenny climbed up and waited. The moonlight shone on her blonde hair as she raised her arms saying, "Here I am! Come and get me Mr. Scary vampire guy!" Nothing happened and she climbed down, pushing me forward. I set my foot on one of the vines that lined the tomb and took my place on the stone stage. I looked at the harvest moon and waited, feeling the hair on my neck rise. Even though I didn't believe anything would happen, it was still scary to stand therewith the darkness at my back. I shrugged and Chris helped me down before he smiled, kissed me on the cheek and took his place.

"Did you see that?" I whispered to Jenny. She giggled and nodded as we waited for Chris to make his proclamation. He looked around and shrugged clearing his throat, "Here I a....." Suddenly someone, something, lunged from the darkness and latched onto Chris's body. We screamed and stared as the creature bit his neck and sucked deeply. Jake climbed up to the aid of his friend and started beating on it's head while Jenny and I threw rocks at it. The man hissed and retreated into the darkness as Chris fell forward.

"Chris!" I screamed as we picked him up and ran out of the grave yard. Once we were back to the car, I sat in the back seat with Chris's head on my lap as Jenny and Jake flew into the front and sped off.

"What the hell happened back there?!" Jenny screamed as Jake drove too fast around the corners. "Well Jake? What was that?"

"It was true! It was true what they were saying!" Jake said as I stared at Chris. He was panting and bleeding heavily as I tried to keep pressure on his neck. I brushed back his long blonde hair and whispered, "It's going to be ok Chris. It's ok."

"We have to get him to a hospital!"

"And let them know he's a vampire? That will go over well!" Jake said as he swerved to the side of the road. He and Jenny went back and forth, screaming what to do. I brushed my hand across Chris's face and yelled, "Stop it! Both of you! Let's think about this for a second. Jenny is right, we need to get him to a hospital. That guy wasn't a vampire, he was probably some crazy old guy who hangs out by the tombstones. For all we know he may have rabies or something! Either way, Chris is hurt, let's get him help."

"No, my mom's at the hospital. We can't go there." Chris said weakly from my lap. We all looked at him sadly. Chris's mom had cancer and was in the hospital in a very weak state. This was the first time Chris had been out to have any kind of fun since her condition worsened a while ago.

"Chris.." I began as he turned to look up at me with those big, green eyes. He took my hand and said, "Please, don't take me there. I'm ok. I'm ok, see? I don't want to upset her." He pressed my hand to his face and I looked to Jake and Jenny. Jake shook his head while Jenny started crying, "We have to do something Chris."

"Just take me home ok? I'll be all right. I just need to wash this out and bandage it up. No problem, Rachel is a nurse's kid aren't you?" I nodded and we looked at each other again. Jake sighed and turned the car in the direction of Chris's house. Chris held my hand the whole way, breathing lightly as I stroked his face. I wanted us close, but not like this. We pulled into his drive way and Jake helped him to his bed. Supplies in hand, I tried to remember the basic first aid my mom taught me.

"Ok, this is going to sting a little." I said as I dabbed the bite marks with rubbing alcohol. He hissed slightly at the pain until I blew on it gently. Chris sighed as I placed a bandage on his neck, "Well this was a spooky Halloween huh?" he laughed lightly as I put the first aid kit away. I sat on his bed and brushed back his hair and felt that he was really warm, "You feel like you have a fever." I placed my hand on his forehead and asked Jenny to get me some ice in a wash cloth. I dabbed at his face gently as he smiled, "Ah, that feels so nice Rache."

I sighed, "I know you're worried about your mom, but I wish you would go to the hospital. You could have an infection." He shook his head as a drip of water trickled down his cheek, "Nah, if it gets too bad I'll go. I think my body is just over done that's all." He took off his shirt and laid back, enjoying the wet cloth as I dabbed his skin softly. I watched as his eyes started to close and he drifted off into exhausted sleep. When I got up to leave, Chris took my hand and stared at me, "Please don't go Rache, I don't want to be alone right now."

"Ok, I'll stay." I said as I sat back down and ran my nails softly up and down his arm. He closed his eyes again as I started humming gently. He smiled and whispered, "Just like that, please keep singing, just like that." I smiled softly as he pulled me down next to him. Laying there, he took my hand and held it to his chest while he breathed steadily. I watched him as he succumbed to sleep, until I noticed the blood seeping through his bandage,

"That's not good." I thought as I reached up to remove it and place another one on. When I touched the wound, Chris's eyes flew open and looked at me. I smiled at him until his eyes changed from sweet to something more wild, "Chris?" I asked as he smiled and turned his body ontop of me. His hands moved to my wrists as he kissed my forehead lightly and trailed down my cheeks till his lips rested on mine. I had imgined our first kiss so many times, just not under these circumstances. I kissed him back, enjoying the feel of his flesh against mine.

"Whoa! That's not what we expected to find!" Jake said as Jenny popped her head in, "Oooo someone is feeling better." I smiled at them until Chris whipped around and shouted, "Get out!" They looked at each other and then at me before closing the door. Chris stared at the door and seemed to almost growl as I said, "You didn't need to yell at them Chris, they were just playing." He turned his eyes back to me, "They'll get over it, I'm intrested in you and me right now."

I smiled as he continued to light the fire within me. He kissed my lips and trailed the line of fire down to my neck where he stopped. His lips rested lightly on the skin of my neck and he sat frozen, "Chris? What's wrong?" Chris started growling lightly as his eyes flashed back to me. He stared at me hungrily and suddenly ripped my shirt open!

"Chris! What are you doing?!" He placed his lips on the top of my chest and started licking me. I struggled against him, "Chris! Stop it! Get off of me!" I tried to push against him, but he jammed my wrist into the pillows. It was like he was a boulder ontop of me. I screamed as Jake and Jenny burst through the door. "Dude! What are you doing?!" Jake yelled as he pulled on Chris's arm. Jenny pulled on the other, but he was strong, too strong. I screamed and started crying as his fingers gripped my wrists.

"Get off of her!" Jake yelled as he reached for the cross around his neck and pushed into Chris's arm. Chris hissed and lunged onto Jake biting him all over. "Chris! Stop!" We screamed as Jenny tried her best to pull him off. Jake was screaming and clawing at Chris's face as Chris bit Jake's neck and pulled, ripping his vocal chords out. He stood up and looked to Jenny and I, blood trickling down his chin. Jake twitched on the floor, letting out a terrible wheezing sound.

"Chris? What? Why did you...." Chris stared at me when his eyes changed and he looked around the room like he forgot where he was. He looked down at Jake and screamed, "Jake!" He looked to me and held out his blood stainedhands, "What...what have I done Rache? What have I done?" He got on his knees and tried to hold Jake's neck together, crying agonized cries as the pieces of skin fell through his fingers. Jenny screamed and punched him in the face.

There was a second of silence as we watched Jenny's fist crumble against his flawless jaw. All her bones were broken while he remained unscathed. Then the screaming started again. Jenny fell on the ground, clutching her broken fist to her chest and Chris flew to the floor driving his fangs into her side. She screamed as he flung her around like a rag doll, I backed into the corner, too shocked to scream anymore. Jenny pushed against him as the light started to leave her eyes.

"" When her brown eyes rolled to the back of her head something in me snapped. I jumped on the bed and climbed out the window, running as far as my feet would carry me. The trees whipped past me, branches cutting my face as their arms engulfed me. I could hear Chris scream, "Rachel!" then the burst of glass as he broke through the sliding door. He was following me, tracking me and I had to get away. Now this tree that was a moment of sanctuary has turned to my grave as I stare into Chris's once gentle eyes.

" me." He said as he slid down next to me. I pushed my body as far back as I could possibly get myself. There was a branch sticking in my back as Chris started to cry, "Rachel, I don't know what's happened to me. I've killed my two best friends and these visions keep flashing in my head. I can't get this voice out and I'm...I'm so hungry! I don't want to hurt anyone." I looked at him and saw my Chris again. The same boy who walked me to my classes, the same guy who would blush at the sex scene in the Note Book and the same boy who I had so much love for.

"Chris...I can't help you. I don't know how." I said through tears as he nodded. Reaching behind him, he broke off a long stick and held it out to me, "You have to do it. You have to kill me Rachel. I'm not sure how I know, maybe we just watched too many horror movies, but I keep getting this instinct telling me that this will work. That, or sunlight, but I don't think that either of us will last that long. Please Rache, you have to do it."

I held the stick in my hand, it felt heavier than it looked. I knew I could physically do it, I could drive this stake through the heart of the boy who had transformed into the beast I had seen a few moments earlier. I grasped it slightly as Chris leaned back and closed his eyes, "Please, do it." I took a breath and then threw the stake down, "I...I can't. I can't kill you Chris. I just can't."

"You have too."

I broke into a fresh round of tears, the mascara running down my face as Chris kicked the stake at me and got on his knees, "Please! I don't want to hurt you! I don't want to be this monster. And it hurts. Rachel it hurts so much, please, kill me! You must! Kill me Rachel please!" His cries matched my own. I put out a hand to comfort him until a drop of blood seeped from my palm and landed not two inches from his face. Suddenly Chris's cries turned into a snarl as he grabbed my wrist. I screamed as he lunged his now frozen body onto mine.

"Chris! Please! Don't do this!" He stopped and stared into my eyes. I could see the tears that streamed down his face, but when I placed a hand on his chest, I felt no heart beat. He leaned down until his lips were only inches from mine, "I don't want to hurt you Rache. I won't hurt you anymore." In a flash he grabbed the stick and placed it in my hands. Still keeping my gaze he whispered, "You were the only girl I ever loved Rachel. But you have to kill me, or I'll eat you up. I want your blood so badly, I want to feel you squirm under me and I want to be the one who looks into your eyes as the light leaves them. So unless you want to die now, KILL ME!"

He fell onto me and I felt the stake puncture his smooth skin. There was a moment as he smiled, "I love you Rachel." Then he was gone. The dust of his body rested on my skin as Iscreamed loudly. Curling up into a ball, ignoring the leaves and mud that caked my hair, I cried. Cried for Jake, cried for Jenny and mostly, I cried for my Chris. I sobbed until footsteps found the uprooted tree and a dark voice said, "So this is where my new pupil went. But where is he?"

I froze and looked up at the same eyes that held us hours before. The creature that had started it all. He was wearing an older looking coat and slacks, long, brown hair hanging in his face. His amber eyes looked down at me as he sat beside me, " were the pretty little girl I saw in the grave yard no? I was seriously considering taking you, you know? But there was something about the last boy. I had hoped to make him my heir, but it seems you've done away with him haven't you?"

A cold hand rested on my back as I stayed in my fetal position. He stroked my hair and whispered, "Well, all is not lost now is it?" He knelt down and picked a few sticks out of my hair, "You will do, little Red Riding Hood. Yes, you will do quite nicely."

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