Officer of My Heart (Chapter 9)

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Forbidden love is the most beautiful torture the human body can endure.

Submitted: October 06, 2009

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Submitted: October 06, 2009



He walked to the dance floor, holding my gloved hand gently as the music switched to one of my favorite songs. I would recognize Eric Clapton's guitar anywhere as Anthony spun me in a smooth circle. We were smiling at each other, laughing like old friends. He must have been able to hear my heart pounding. I'd never been close to him this way, never had my fantasies come true to this level. We waltzed like the other couples on the floor as I said softly, "I thought you said you couldn't dance."

"Well, I didn't know it would be so easy. Especially with someone who knows what she's doing." He spun me out and I smiled at the feeling of weightlesness. When he spun me back in, I looked into his velvet eyes and stared. He suddenly moved closer to me and I fought hard not to gasp as we danced only inches from one another. It wasn't until I heard a voice other than Mr. Clapton's that I looked up. He was staring down at me, his eyes smoldering while he sang softly,

"We go a party and everyone turns to see this beautiful lady that's walking around with me. And then she asks me, "Do you feel all right"? And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight"

I smiled and honestly felt like there was no one else in the room. Everyone had disappeared except for me and my Anthony. Maybe it was a lapse in sanity, or possibly it was because I felt so completely alone with him, that I let my head rest on his shoulder. Once I did, part of me stiffened remembering that he wasn't mine, he was my officer and how inappropriate this must have looked. I was about to move until I felt his face turn and rest lightly on mine. That was it, it was right there, right then that I realized how in love with him I was.If he hadn't been singing, I wouldn't have realized the song ended until he sang,

"I say my darling, you were wonderful tonight." I smiled as we stopped moving and he whispered, "You look wonderful tonight." Suddenly I remembered how to breathe again as we parted and he bowed. I curtised and if it wasn't for his arm holding me up, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have beenable to make it back to my chair. There was more music and the voices of the guests created a happy noise as we sat down at the white tables. Captain Land said, "Well, well, you are more of a dancer then we thought LT." He smiled,

"Oh, that was all Hoskins. I'm a terrible dancer." He winked at me as I sat there shyly. MSgt Jenkins slapped me on the back, "Good for you. A young man needs to know how to dance." I lunged forward from the force, but recovered laughing. The night went on and I danced with every one of my officers, but LT and I had to have been on the dance floor at least five times. It seemed like whenever I had a break, he would take me back out again. Some of the time we would just talk about work and life in general, then other times we wouldn't say anything at all, just stare at each other as we swayed to the music.

"Hey! Hoskins!" Lyn's voice called out over the masses. She came over and stole me away for a moment, "The guys wanted to see you so James will shut up about taking you." I turned and looked at Anthony who shrugged before she pulled me over to the security forces section. I was answered by cat calls and whistles as sergeant Shawn looked me over, "Makes my heart warm to see you looking like a lady Hoskins." I smiled and let him give me a sideways hug as he said, "Remember to save a dance for your old man ok?" Nodding, I sat with the rest of my peers who were fussing over their out fits. The boys hated dressing up and the girls were eyeing each other.

"So here's a question for you." Lyn whispered to me as she passed over a piece of cake. I looked at her as she continued, "Why is it, that whenever I look over, LT has swept you off to the dance floor again?" I shrugged, "I've danced with all my officers tonight. He is no exception." She rolled her eyes, "Don't get into trouble hon, drop this thing before it gets worse." I stood up, "I need to get back to my section. They are about to have the speaker come out. See you all later."

I walked back to the other side of the room and felt the heat of Lyn's eyes on me when I sat beside Anthony. The speaker came out, said his piece and just like that, the ball was over. A glorious five hours of bliss and it was done. The group started to walk out when James caught my arm, "Hey you, I haven't got to see you all night." I laughed as he opened the door. We were about to leave when I heard him say my name.

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