Officer of My Heart. (chapter 6)

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Forbidden love is the most painful ectascy a person has ever known.

Submitted: October 04, 2009

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Submitted: October 04, 2009



"Please, have a seat." I said to him smiling sweetly. He looked over to the table of officers and sat beside me whispering, "You know I would love to join you both, but I have to stay with these guys until they leave." We glanced back at the two captians and one other LT lounging in one of the booths. I smiled, he hated doing what we call, a dog and pony show. It's when we smile and make everything perfect for higher ranking officers. Lyn laughed, "That sucks." He nodded and sighed, "So as much as I would rather be here, I have to go do my duty."

"Have fun." I said as he got up to rejoin his group. The relief that washed through me made me feel light headed as Lyn sipped her coke, "Hm, interesting." Her hazel eyes searched mine as I shrugged innocently. We spent the rest of the dinner in light conversation as I tried hard to let anything out about my feelings for my LT. Lyn was kind and she loved me, but if she felt I was in trouble or doing something wrong, she would say something about it. When we left the diner, I turned at the fork in the road as Lyn stopped, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to the chapel, I have worship practice tonight." She nodded and pushed my shoulder, "Honey child, you know I care about you. You're like a little sister to me." I stopped and looked at her as the twilight hours started to creep up behind us. She took a step closer and looked into my eyes, "I know your heart is in the right place, but don't go down a slippery slope. A bird may love a fish, but where will they build their home?" I looked at her curiously and nodded when she walked off back home. Her words stayed with me as I opened the doors to the sanctuary. The stained glass window set a beautiful reflection as the setting sun hit just right. This place always made me feel more at home than any where else.

"Good evening Summer." Chaplien Burns said from one of the pews. I turned and smiled, it was always weird to hear someone say my first name. "Good evening sir. Where's the rest of the team?" The older man held his back as he straightened, "Didn't you hear? It's just me and you this time. Daniel's uncle died so he's on emergency leave and Patrick is on a mission until next week. So it's going to be you and this old man." I smiled, "You're not old chaplien Burns."

"You're too kind to me. Now, let's start from the top." I nodded and took my place at the piano. Playing the scale two times to warm up, I flip through music and begin practice with him playing guitar. The sound of music fills the chapel and drifts out onto the breeze. He picked out good songs this time as I let my voice add to the tune. The pure joy of music fills my soul as I close my eyes and sing my heart out. Once we finish, chaplien Burns leans back and smiles, "Beautiful as always. I'm going to head out. You coming?"

"I would like to stay a while if you don't mind. That piano part on "Blessed Be Your Name." is really kicking my butt." He laughed and nodded, "All right, but don't stay all night. If I come back in five hours and you aren't home and asleep, we're going to have some problems."

"I only did that once." I laughed and he hobbled out of the building, leaving me in beautiful solitude. I flipped off the lights so that the only illumination would be the soft glow of the full moon light shining through the stained glass. I played softly, enjoying the atmosphere as the music gently carrassed the walls around me. This was heaven for me. I could spend hours with just my piano and an empty sanctuary. I worked on the song in question until I had it to my perfect standards. We played music for the visiting troops on RNR. They came from Iraq and Afganistan for a weekend break, just to come to a place where they aren't being shot at for one moment.

"Blessed be the name of the Lord." I sang softly as I played. Every Friday we performed for the visiting troops, and every Friday I had the joy of seeing their faces and their souls light up at the music. Once I came to satisfaction on the song, I moved to my ownpiece I had been composing for a while. It was a soft, haunting melody that I played when I was alone. Some day, I may put words to it, but for now, it was beautiful in it's hidden simplicity. Becoming completely possesed by my music, I didn't even notice when someone was watching me.

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