A cry to God

Open this heart
Look inside
I have nothing to hide
Every thought is written down
My eyes are the windows to my soul

My desires I admit might not always be for the good
Yet I'd rather walk this world naked in my sin
Than walk clothed in shame
I look to You
My true source of healing

My Refuge
My Redeemer
You know me better than myself
You shaped me
Molded me
Gave me a name
Clothed me
Fed Me

Many many years ago, you looked at a woman
She was there naked before you
She sinned
Her face soiled in tears
You looked upon her with eyes of love and said "Go and sin no more."
I ask you if you can do the same this night

I am no more perfect then the adulteress, murderer, or the person struggling with addictions
See me here and now
I stand drenched in the sin I was born in
I am in this world, struggling not to be of it
This is my plea, I ask if it can be made known to you

Rescue me like you rescued this world
Please Prince!
Rescue me!
I cry out

Submitted: September 26, 2008

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