Bully alert!

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I am writing about how bullying needs to stop!

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



Bully alert

Each day, a kid would get bullied. Each day, a kid would go home crying in despair. Each day, a kid would commit suicide. Each day, could bring these disturbing acts. Well just don’t sit there, make a change, get up and stick up for someone, and help to make a stop. Some of your favorite stars have been bullyed too, such as Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift. Demi was in Rehab in minutes, not letting go the memories of her childhood from bullying. Impacts are big, and if Demi hadn’t got rid of her memories, she probably wouldn’t be here right now.

Taylor Swift became a star, showing to all the bully’s that she can’t be picked on anymore, and now they are both stronger and taking place in action. The message to this is that, even if your bullied, someday things will get better, and you might end up like Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift in the future now, helping stop bullying.

For schools, they should stop bullying, and ban it forever, and take pledges online. The bullies then would just give up and surrender. Here are some tips on how to stop bullying.

*Take the pledge online

*Ban bullying in schools.

*Talk to the bully that it is wrong to bully someone and explain the prices.

*Expel the bully, if caught

*Get everyone involved to help stop bullying.



Thank you for reading this article and good luck on trying to stop bullying!!!

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