Why Do You Judge Me?

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This is from a personal experience I had with depression. I was recently judged by a family member that doesn't really know me and has no clue what I've been through and how I am an over comer.

Submitted: June 15, 2009

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Submitted: June 15, 2009



Why do you judge me?


Why do you judge me, if you don’t know me?

Why do you lash at me with those harsh words?

Why, is it so difficult for you to see who I really am, the person that is inside, is the same one in the outside.


Why do you judge me, if you don’t know what is going on?

You do not know what I have gone through; you don’t know the tears I’ve had to shed.

You don’t know the sleepless nights I had to endure, and the pain in my heart that felt like it would never depart.


Were you there when I felt my world was falling apart, when depression set in and a doctor said take this pill it will make you feel better.

Were you there when the side effects of that same pill cause me to loose 10 pounds in one week? I would fall asleep everywhere I went, and I had no desire to eat.

Were you there praying for me when I had to battle demons telling me to snuff my own life away from me.


Were you there when I had horrible nightmares at night and I needed a friend to call on?


Than don’t judge me!


It was through prayers of a faithful friend, with the help of the Lord that I was able to over come; this dark and lonely journey, a journey that nearly destroyed me. The one thing that kept me sane was the question of where I would spend eternity and the love I have for my children.


Where you there when my world was falling apart? Did you pray for me, during my time of despair?


Than don’t judge me!


I thank God that my life now is not like that. I am free and I am somebody who was able to get out of the grip of the enemy.


If you don’t know where I’ve been and who I am today,

Don’t judge me, because you really don’t know me.


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