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death, violance.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



Short Story:)

You made her laugh, cry, happy, and sad.

Why did you let her go?

You should have kept her why you had her.

Why you had the chance.

But you lost her.

And now shes dead.

Im here to tell the story about true love.

These two people lost their life’s.

And went to heaven above.

She left because she couldn’t lie anymore.

She left because she couldn’t love him the same.

She hated you with a passion.

But you couldn’t let her go.

She tried to get away.

From the hurt .

The depression.

The unhappy sadness that you put in her life.

You just couldn’t let her go.

You just had to say no.

But then it happened.

That one thing you thought you would NEVER do.

That one thing.

You where raised Christian.

To love God.

And be like Jesus.

But that all changed.

You wanted her to stay.

As you watched her pack her stuff.

You got a gun.

You made the worst dissension.

The worst thing in the world.

You pulled the trigger.

You fell to the floor.

She ran to get help.

She didn’t know what to do.

She was lost in the blood.

And was crying over you.

When she got back.

Everything turned into Hell.


She never said goodbye.

Never said sorry.

Peace, Jesus be with you.

Rest in peace.

I will be there soon.

The next day at the funeral.

No one knew what she brought with her.

She sat at the service.

She felt like she made him do it.

So she wanted to die to.

She shot herself.

She fell on the floor.

As she took her last breath.

You could here the blood in her lungs.

Like she had died the ultimate death.

But the one thing she didn’t know .

Is that he was never dead.

He never thought it would come to this.

He never thought she would stoop this low.

Till he held her and his arms.

And said no, no, no!

He did this to her.

For what to put on a show?

Why would he do this to her?

No one knows.

This story ends about how he went home.

In that car crash.

Up to heaven all alone.

He smiled at the gate.

God said welcome my child.

You are not welcome here.

For what you did to your wife.

You pranked her and fought with her.

You don’t deserve to be here with her.

If you tell me why you did this to her.

Maybe this will not be the end to your eternity.

I did this to get a laugh.

I never thought it would have came to her life.

She loves me and I love her.

I just want to know if I can say goodbye and sorry for what ive done.

God said yes you can.

Im sorry my love.

I never wanted you to kill yourself.

I thought it would be funny.

But now I know.

I love you and be happy.

Because when I go to Hell.

You will feel better.

About not feeling guilty.

She said I love you to.

Goodbye and its ok.

As they parted ways .

God said, you said you where sorry.

My child welcome to my kingdom.

As he entered the kingdom.

He started to cry.

He got to see his wife.

For more then just one time

They closed the gate.

And that’s all I saw.

And now you know the story about.

My Dad and Mom……

I wrote this because I was bored and please let me know if its good and if I can make it as an author…. J

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