A Vow For Life.

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If anyone wants to create the same vow, by all means copy it, just change the names and genders for your purpose. Credit me, though!

Submitted: July 03, 2010

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Submitted: July 03, 2010



I, Jessica Louise Rhodes, known as Jay Dawson, do swear that I will love and protect Joshua Douglas John Sutton for as long as I have breath. Nobody will come between us, no secret will stay unshared, no problem unsolved. Neither of us will go to sleep on an argument, and we will always apologise if we are wrong.

I swear to help and mentor Joshua for as long as I live, and I swear to accept his advice when it is needed. I will never betray him or stop loving him, I will never stop being his friend and I will keep the faith for as long as I am alive. When I die, he will be my coffin bearer. When I marry, he will give me away. He will be godfather to my children, and will be a major force in my life from this day onwards.

When we cry, we are one.
When we laugh, we are one.
In death, in life, we are one.
No matter what happens, we are one.

This I swear on the memory of my grandmother, Jean Mary Rhodes. She would have loved Joshua as much as I do, had she ever met him.


Jay Dawson
Jessica Rhodes
Morgana Le Fey
Morgana Bellini


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