For My Fiance.

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I've been engaged once before - it ended in disaster. This was written for one of my fiances - I'll leave you to guess which one. You have a choice between my former other half Josh and my current other half Michael.

HINT: I'm no longer with the guy this was written for, but I still have the ring.

Answers in a comment please!

Submitted: June 09, 2010

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Submitted: June 09, 2010



I wear the ring you gave me
and smile. To think that I am
now yours for all eternity - my
heart and soul entwined with yours!

Slated by our critics - who's the
couple laughing now? You've taught
me that love conquers everything, and
for that I am forever grateful.

Now, as I gaze at the single diamond
on a band of silver, I know that I could
never be with anyone else but you. I am
content for the first time in seven years.

Thank you, my darling fiance, for being
the beautiful person that you are. I know
I could never have done this without you,
and I love you with all my heart and more.

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