May Ball 2010

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This is the story of my Leaver's Ball, which was the best night of my life.

Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



Last night was the best night of my life so far. It was May 28th, and the night of the May Ball had finally arrived. I was decked out in my finest array - long blue dress with one strap, black gauzy bolero, new slingback heels and elegant jewellery.

I arrived at about 7 pm, and quickly found some people to talk to. At about 7:!5 pm, my boyfriend Michael arrived and we found the rest of our table group. These people were: Jess Spain and her boyfriend Michael, Lacey Palmer and her boyfriend Ryan, Freddie Chirgwin-Bell and his girlfriend Steph, and Craig Bass and his girlfriend Emma.

The tables were really beautifully decorated with a feather-candelabra display, with white and red wine in a bucket on the table, and a pristine white tablecloth. The chairs were covered in a similar fabric and had either a black or a red ribbon around the backs.

The meal began with a starter of melon and pineapple covered in some kind of sugary substance. After that came either roast chicken with vegetables (for the carnivores) or a vegetable stir-fry with rice (for the vegetarians). Michael and I both had the stir-fry, being vegetarian. Dessert was chocolate cake with optional cream, which I passed on. I don't like chocolate cake much, OK?

After the meal, Lucy Porter and Lacey Palmer made their Head Girl's speech. Lucy being Lucy, she had a little cry mid-way through it, but bravely continued. This was followed by Mr Lowis's satirical and humorous speech about varying people, including Rohan Bannerjee and his urination in his mother's wardrobe when drunk, and Freddie Chirgwin-Bell and the strap-on episode, as well as James Davies and the webcam episode. As Mr Lowis said, "the Internet will never recover".

Then it was time for the prizes to be awarded. The categories were:

Couple of the year (Myself and Michael)
Couple that never were (Keisha Whitehorne and Antonio Miguez)
Teacher's pet (Marco Geraghty, who was in the QEQM hospital at the time of the May Ball due to alcohol-related illness)
Pest of the year (Rohan Bannerjee)
Least likely to grow any more (Damola Pedro)
Biggest drama queen (Rohan Bannerjee)
Bitchiest (Joanne Milnes)
Joker of the year (Alfie Crush)

It was a big surprise for me to win Couple of the year with Michael, mostly due to my low expectations of winning! Much as I love Michael, I didn't think we'd win it. Still, it was a wonderful thing to have won, and I'm pleased that I won that with someone who I love as much as I love Michael.

Gushing over, the party began with a really dreadful band called "The Help Movement". I know, it sounds bad. Believe me, it was bad. In fact, it was appalling. Still, the sight of Mr Prosser dancing about in a full suit and trainers is one I will never forget! Ah, Mr Prosser ... what a legend. Nobody else has found a sexual metaphor in King Lear so far, although not for want of trying!

I have to admit, it was a lovely occasion. Not being a very big "party animal", I was a tad out of my depth, but I think I coped well. I had a brilliant time and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

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