Playing With My Mind.

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DISCLAIMER: Some explicit language here. I don't normally swear in my work, but blame Spirish for this one.

Nathanael Wehrly. Biggest Judas on the planet. Betrayed me 4 times, once as boyfriend and 3 times as a "friend". Thank Goddess he's out of my life forever.

Submitted: July 07, 2010

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Submitted: July 07, 2010



Nathan Wehrly. My ex boyfriend.
My one-time friend.

Now the guy who wants to make
out that I think the world revolves
around me. Well, here's the deal.

I. Don't.

In fact, I think I'm the least important
person on the planet. I feel like I mean
nothing to anyone, like I can never be
truly loved. I might be a "drama queen"
or a "dramatic" person, but fuck you,
that's the way I am.

I hate your fucking guts, Nathanael Wehrly,
and I'm so glad I never have to see your
face again. You said you loved me, then you
dumped me and tried to bring me down.
When that failed, you decided to play with
my head and make everything go topsy-turvy.

Well, here's some breaking news for you.
You can't do that any more.
Stop playing with my mind -
nobody's answering your calls any more.

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