See You Around.

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This is not me being bitter, this is me being honest. After all, some people just can't handle losing out on a chance at being mates with me.

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



So here I am, the big man, the big "I Am",

sitting behind a computer writing poetry

to a woman I insulted and played for a fool.

My username here is Monsieur Messy

and I couldn't treat a woman right if I tried -

not that I do. All I can do is pretend I love them

and then sit back and lie once again.


First I said I loved her, then I said I simply 

played her as a fool to see how much she

could be trusted. I told her she'd "sunk a hook

into the mouth of my friend" - a friend who now

wants nothing more to do with me! Yeah, I'm such

a good friend that I suggest their partners cheat on



Now she's wised up to me and so has her partner,

but all I can say is "see you around". I have no defence

because I'm just a little boy and I have no maturity. I

don't know how to love because I'm just a drunkard who

spends his life drinking and writing stories that get sent

back by publisher after publisher. I can't even write decent

poetry because I have no emotions.


So that's my life story - a little boy who has no idea of how to

 treat women right. I'm off now, off to write more vile poetry that

will insult other people. So stay away from me because my name's

Neil and I can't be bothered to be nice to you. I'd wish you a happy

life, but why would I want that when I can spend my time making

you feel like dirt? After all, it's not like I'm supposed to be doing a 

degree or anything.

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